Satisfy thy craving while they last.

A friend told me that your cravings will only come in after 3 months…but I think otherwise.

I won’t say that I crave for some food so bad if I don’t get it I will rather die of hunger. That’s extreme. Afterall, if you’re that hungry enough, you will probably eat whatever is served up to you. But I do have this new set of taste bud that prefers spicier and saltier food. I am trying to cut down on the salt intake daily and that makes my food really bland cause I can’t seem to taste the food for nuts! But I guess this will need to persist for bean to be healthier than me. As for spicy… I just can’t keep myself away from that. Yikes!

I’m not a spoilt brat, but since young..I have developed this habit of not finishing the food if the food suck and I won’t force myself to finish the food if it taste really bad. It didn’t come across to me that by finishing the food makes me feel better that I’m not wasting it (think about those starving children, I know), but I am considering what happens if I finish that ungodly bowl of something.. will it give me tummyache? will I throw up after that? Why force myself to finish something if I won’t be happier after that?

So back to cravings. I have been craving alot of my mum’s dishes lately. Those macaroni soups, beehoon soups, dry beehoon in zichar style, dry beehoon in chilli style, CURRY, fried beehoon.. sounds like food for the sick but once you taste it… ย hoho. You probably can get these anywhere, but the style/taste of cooking is never the same. Maybe those taste buds will change next month, but meanwhile I have been making trips to get these cravings settled!

Not forgetting to give the husband a pat on the back for cooking fried beehoon to satisfy my craving last Sunday. Will show you images next time if he cooks this dish again ๐Ÿ™‚

One item, which is deemed as the best nutrition for bean has been on my ‘NO’ list recently – FISH. These days, I simply cannot stand the taste and smell of fish, cooked or not. We (Me and bean) find it equally disgusting, so it’s not me rejecting the intake of fish, it’s bean (baby, it’s no blame game don’t worry.. mummy is not gonna force you to eat something you don’t like either!). The other day I took some steamed fish and the nausea feeling came up immediately and I almost threw up.

So these days, whenever I feel like having something, I will go for it (excluding those food that are a strict no-nos lah). Pregnancy is a good 9 months and in these 9 months, you may or may not be able to eat exactly what you have in mind. So if there is something that’s passable and similar to what you want, taste good and can satisfy your craving, GO FOR IT! Like my mum always say…’If you want to eat something, don’t wait and just go for it. Don’t let your kid drool those saliva for nothing!’ ๐Ÿ˜‰


Small but beautiful.

I’m talking about my baby bump.

No, I’m not only talking about my bump, I’m also talking about my chest. Remember the last post I was rambling that Singapore does not have pretty maternity bras? Remember that I said that my friend has recommended me one particular store that would become my last option? I always trusted this girlfriend and I’m super glad that this recommendation was an exact match for me. In terms of maternity bras that is, since that was what I was looking for.

I’m not a well endowed woman, I’ve always been small. When I was younger, I did feel slightly inferior .. but as time goes by, I really didn’t think it matters that great deal to me as long as they’re healthy. Alot of stores I’ve been to run along bigger sizes, especially Marks & Spencer. Their smallest size was not made for petite asian built and the sales person stopped recommending me after she realized that their fit is too big for me. So guess how happy I was when I stepped into Mothers en Vogue at Centrepoint. I got what I want, two simple sports looking bra top and a stretchy pair of black shorts since my only black one was too tight for me now. When I’ve ‘upgraded’ in the months to come, I’m gonna pop by the store and buy the prettier lacy ones as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

rollover_b_128_2 rollover_b_128_3

Photo courtesy of Mothers en Vogue Website.

If you have been looking around for plain and simple maternity wear, this is the store for you too. These few days I’ve came to realize that maternity wear could be rather costly and I’ve attributed it to the material of the apparel. I’ve touched’s cottony soft and comfortable. Sadly, it’s just not my style. It’s not that I’m gonna torture myself wearing my old clothes and being cheapskate and all, but I think I would take my time is finding the right ones for me. Besides, if all else fails, I’ll be wearing my husband t-shirts and own leggings.

PS. This is not a paid advertisement.

Empty handed.

Nursing a severe headache that lasted me the entire of last night and one of the worse morning sickness of these (coming) 3 months, I made a trip down to source for some good maternity wear. Even I wasn’t expanding fast enough to go all out for maternity wear, my ribcage was. I honestly can’t breathe really well cause the ribcage was expanding but not the boobs and I deduced so as the width of my current lingerie was too tight for comfort.

After walking for about 4 hours, I’ve still got nothing on my hands. Maybe I’m being really picky but I didn’t think that being pregnant means simply choosing comfort over style. Even though comfort comes first..I wasn’t keen in looking like I’m wearing curtains. Worse, I didn’t fancy those maternity bras that these stores was selling. It’s was quite blah. Most of them come in nude get the drift. I wonder why no one brings in those gorgeous maternity bras like the ones I see online. It’s not like I’m going to wear them out in the open, bean prolly
won’t be able to appreciate it, I’m not wearing to entice the husband but I’m simply wearing something pretty – it’s comfortable and it makes me feel good. So why is it that no one imports those pretty maternity bras? I lament.

So tomorrow will be another day of scouting. I guess I will head over to a girlfriend’s recommended store and check them out. And I’ll let you know if they’re any good.

Le Update at 11 weeks.

Last night, I have this witty something in my mind to blog about for today. I kept it fresh in my head, thinking that it would be fresh for writing in the morning. Alas, I woke up and it seemed like I lost that bit of memory. So my dear readers..that witty something will come back when it’s happy I guess!

I’ve spent this week finishing up some library books and scaring myself silly with those pregnancy to-dos when your water breaks. I’m at 11 weeks now and I feel that I should start educating myself with pregnancy skills. Wrong move. I officially jellied my legs and have to soothe myself with kiss92fm. Those nsync and BSB music…oooh sexy.

I guess bean loves them too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Had a celebratory birthday dinner for a close friend who recently turned 30 and we know we can never lived with not betting about the gender of bean. I told them my guess and le friends start taking sides. Well, the loser would have to treat everyone a meal at this new swanky steamboat at Clarke Quay that requires a good 6 months booking! Damn am I excited for this meal ๐Ÿ™‚

An emotional Hope Springs.

I admit, I have not exactly been a healthy mother (yet). All these late nights..all these chips..all get my drift.

So last night we were watching Hope Springs (you know, that movie that feature two oldies revving up their life cause it was stagnant). ย I knew I wanted to watch this when the trailer came out. It was not your typical love story with gorgeous hunks and babes starring in it. It was Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, both would have added up to a grand total of more than a hundred years old. But it was good, in my opinion.

Hub was not into these love story movies..but he was laughing out loud and feeling so awkward for this couple that he was covering his face with his hands at certain scenarios. So yes, they acted really well.

The plot is the most important breaking point that makes or break the movie and is part of the deciding factor in me wanting to watch again. But this, this plot was so real to heart (not for me at this age but still), that the fire in every couple fades away, especially when your kids are all grown up and have a life of their own .. you’re living a routined life. No ups, no butterflies in your stomach, day in and day out. Are you still in love? Is this what Love brings you when you are old?

When that scenario was played, I teared. Maybe it’s my hormones acting up massively but it made me feel. In my heart I hope that the fire everyone’s relationship would always lit on brightly, including mine. I was sinking into this story and that even after a failed counseling Meryl Streep didn’t think this relationship was going to work. And I teared more. But of course, it ultimately led to a happy ending and my tears dried up after that.

It takes two hands to clap in a relationship. Even when you’re old…one should never forget that. Or you can re-watch this movie again when you hit 60.

Curiosity gets the cat.


(Use 49 as a constant/ add the lunar month of conception/ minus lunar age of you at the time of conception/ add constant 19)

The above is a very old traditional gender calculation passed down from the olden days, they say the people in the palace used this method to calculate the gender and it was pretty accurate. Guess they have to be accurate if not the king may jail or execute them when the baby gender comes out not as predicted!

Of course I’ve no preference if mine’s a boy or girl as long as baby is healthy. But out of curiosity, I’ve done my sums and we’ll just see if it’s accurate by the time I do my scan! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Questions

While waiting for our turn at the gynae, I was requested to do a urine test. I guess instructions wasn’t clear enough to me and I made an embarrassed return but I shall skip that cause you may potentially change your impression of me. Haha.

I have to be clear that in any of my posts, my recommendation of my gynae is not an advertorial of her or her clinic. I’m not paid for it and I’m paying for my visits. I’m not sponsored to write about her in any sense so my opinion is what I truly feel in any of the scenarios mentioned. Probably biased to myself, since its my opinion.

In my last post, little bean is about 8 weeks, today, 9 weeks old. In another few more weeks, we are going to know about the gender. Yes, we have decided to know the baby’s gender cause I cannot wait to stock up some new pieces of pretty clothes for him/her. I don’t have any preference specifically as long as little bean is healthy. It also makes naming easier. They say bonding with your baby and calling their name when they’re still in your womb is good for them.

I’ve this list of questions asked at my gynae and I hope it clears some doubt you may have.

1. Any specific kinds of food to stay away from?
Reply: Food that are high in mercury, such as sharks meat or Deep Atlantic cod fish, tuna. Canned tunas are considered tunas, so if you frequently take them, I suggest you cut down..after all, there’s a lot of preservatives in canned food. Stay away from processed deli meat such as luncheon meat. I’ve steered clear of that, as well as hotdogs and such. I’ve asked this cause I wanted to clarify that I can eat spicy food like curry and Tom yum, these are my cravings. Doc says you can have salad too..only thing is that the vegs have to be really clean and since you never know how they washed those greens outside, try DIY salad.

2. There are certain ingredients in products to stay away from?
Reply: Most products that are sold OTC (over the counters) are generally alright for usage cause their content is low. (There’s one specific ingredient to stay away from but due to a sleeping brain I didn’t catch it down..I will ask about this again). But Benzoyl Peroxide that’s sold OTC is generally okay to use..yay.

3. How often should we be coming for check ups?
Reply: Monthly visits will be good. Nearer to delivery would be weekly visits. There are packages for these but we’ll discuss when you’re about 4 months. Next visit you will be doing some examinations for baby health.

I’ve also asked more in-depth questions catered to my health conditions and the costs, list of hospitals we can choose for our delivery and who is the next doctor in line to attend to me during her absence (emergency basis). So you may also consider these questions to ask on your visits. Left me know if there are worries on your mind you would like to clarify and I can help to ask about it on my next visit. ๐Ÿ™‚