Daily dosage: Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil

They say that if your mum has stretch marks when she’s pregnant..high chances of you getting it too is inevitable. I’m choosing not to believe in that.

I asked my mum to show me her stretch marks the other day and hers were really faint lines. Okay, maybe hers got lighter with the times but it didn’t seem like a war took place so I think I’m quite spared on this one. Nevertheless, I’m striving to acheive close to zero stretch marks where possible..and thats where I’ve chosen Clarins to be my preventer.


This body treatment oil, also known as Huile “Tonic” in their country of origin is made up of 100% pure plant extracts. Not convinced that its a safe product for preggers? Doubt not. Google it. Clarins actually made this for all pregnant mothers worldwide with the extensive technology they have! Even my gynae has told me to go for it!

I’ve started using the sample pack just when I’m into my 3rd month..now im going 4th and actively on the oil on a nightly basis!

The oil is so lightweight that my initial myth of it being too oily on my body (imagine suntan oil) was completely baseless. The plus point was that the smell was really soothing for me and I think that bean likes it too. This treatment oil was formulated with essential oils of geranium, mint and rosemary, now I know why it smells so good. Another content within was hazelnut oil! Very rich indeed. The retail price in SG is a good damage of $78. If your girlfriends are traveling to Paris, states or even DFS you could possibly get a better price out of it. If you’re looking around for something along the lines, do go by the counter and ask for a sample. The ladies at Clarins are really nice and generous with their samples!

My review? I would definitely buy another one if my current one runs out. For the effevtiveness of it? I will write about it when I’m at my post pregnancy stage.

Always remember that any kind of stretch marks cream is like a preventer and must be used early..not use after everything is a done deal. Honestly, I believe that the cream will have almost zilch effect if you chose the latter method.

Ps. This is a non biased review.


The small bump agony.

I’m going into my 4th month in the next few weeks and all I can say is..time is passing too fast.


My baby bump is hardly visible when I’m in my usual wear. That said, I can tell you that no one on the streets can tell that I’m pregs just like that. I don’t expect anyone to give up their seats to me on the train either. Sometimes the reserved seat is empty and I’m so embarassed to sit on it cause I still look skinny enough to pass off as a poly student going to school. If my mum was not on board the train with me I’ll most probably still be standing. I can’t tell you how many pair of eyes rolled at me on such days and they made me feel like I’m a spolit brat letting my mum stand while I sit like a boss. Such agony!

CNY Eve X Ang Pows

You know that when you are married, it’s no longer your turn to receive ang pows. That’s probably one of the minus points of being married early (Maybe that’s why couples are all marrying later and later eh!). Like I’ve just whatsapp an ex-colleague about his upcoming wedding in March which I’m gonna be absent for as his wedding clashes with another cousin of mine, ‘Hey, M, please remember it’s your last year to receive as many ang pows as possible! Next year, it’ll be your turn to give out! ;)’ If you’re the kiasu kind, just have a kiddo early and your baby can start collecting ang pows the very next year! #justsaying

Okay, bean is not here for the purpose of collecting ang pows but I don’t deny that it will be good to offset some of the givings../covers smile

Our reunion eve dinner feels like a Sunday dinner this year because there was no steamboat. The Chinese custom says that you are not to have steamboat and CNY decors up during the first year of Lunar New Year if someone in the family passed away. So it was the usual dinner and mahjong after. Boys were watching soccer so there was no Dong Dong Chiang on TV either. I’d insist that this is a Sunday in disguise..but I know that we will have to go bai nian tomorrow. Tomorrow may be a brighter CNY since I’m heading back to my maternal home and I know that my mum has the idea to decorate our place into a huge ang pow. Can’t wait to load up some photos to share.

Next year this time, perhaps our own place will be ready. If that’s so, maybe I could host a reunion dinner for friends at my place! The thought of it excites me even though I’m no masterchef. Well, I guess if it’s steamboat I just need to make the soup base and buy ingredients right? Haha!

Anyhows, bean will be collecting ang pows next year! How awesome is that! Please get ready your ang pows as you come by my place!!  😀

PS. ang pows – red packets in hokkien (a dialect)

I’m a PG SAHM with slight M/S and my GYN is awesome.

That said, it actually meant ‘I’m a Pregnant Stay At Home Mum with slight Morning Sickness and my Gynecologist is Awesome’.

Did you have the same frustrations as me? Reading those forum with these abbreviations and acronyms that doesn’t quite make sense at all? Ok, maybe some are easily guessed, such as EDD (Estimated Delivery Date), that’s a must know basic for everyone. I understand that it must be quite crazy to type out the full forms of some acronyms or it’s a plain hassle but because of these short forms, I can hardly understand a full sentence without googling for it’s terms these days.

With that, I have decided to paste you girls some links to aid you out. But meanwhile, I have decided to stay off forums and just stay on more legit write-ups for the time being instead. Hope this helps!

Baby Center  // Baby Med  //  FertilityPlus  //  Forums @ WebMD  // Examiner

Some of them may be repeated but just choose the one that works best for you! Now, you are ready to explore those forums 🙂

You are what you watch.

Don’t be silly.

There’s nothing wrong with watching horror shows. Nothing proven scientifically anyways. So that said, we can attribute this saying to one of the olden days old wives tale/myth. The only thing that kept me about 50/50 at bay is the shocks I can possibly get when there is a scare scene.. but unless you get nightmares or you grow too deeply into the show and imagine you are a lethal killing machine. I honestly think it is fine to watch what you like. Even the doctors said, if it’s not real zombies or massacre right in your face, just go for it if you would be happy watching it. Read Healthtap

You do know that your baby can feel your moods and emotions ya? It’s not the shocks from the scary movies that will impact their growth or behavior, or even extremely on how they will look like. It’s probably the long term exposure of real living and work stress that your baby will absorb and develop into his/her behavioral patterns and character. Not exactly what you watch. Science has only proved that your baby activity decreases (not stop) when you are watching a tear jerking movie and moves actively when you are watching a funny show. This makes sense to me, nothing to do with watching gun fights or zombie movies. That only meant that if you are happy watching something, your baby will be happy! You cannot take A for A by saying that your baby will look like ____ when you watch ____ shows. Capisce? Read DailyMail Article

I’m a walking dead show kinda girl. Of course, I love my chick flicks and my comedies as much. But how many good chick flicks and comedies are there? I’ve repeatedly watched Stephen Chow’s for the x number of times, it’s no longer funny to me. The thing about The Walking Dead is the story and the makeup. I cannot tell you how amazed and in awed of the makeup they had on for the zombies. They are just too real. Nice work makeup team!

I did do my part to counter my gunfights shows by watching Disney cartoons, but how many Disney good cartoons can there be? If I have to stay away from killing/ gunfights/ zombies kinda shows I guess I can’t even watch Beauty and the Beast cause Beast is not exactly pleasant on the eyes and they have fights (those kettles fight with human beings) in the show. Inside got gun shots somemore!

All in all, my take is to watch movies with a open heart, take things with a pinch of salt and to do all things moderately.