I’m a PG SAHM with slight M/S and my GYN is awesome.

That said, it actually meant ‘I’m a Pregnant Stay At Home Mum with slight Morning Sickness and my Gynecologist is Awesome’.

Did you have the same frustrations as me? Reading those forum with these abbreviations and acronyms that doesn’t quite make sense at all? Ok, maybe some are easily guessed, such as EDD (Estimated Delivery Date), that’s a must know basic for everyone. I understand that it must be quite crazy to type out the full forms of some acronyms or it’s a plain hassle but because of these short forms, I can hardly understand a full sentence without googling for it’s terms these days.

With that, I have decided to paste you girls some links to aid you out. But meanwhile, I have decided to stay off forums and just stay on more legit write-ups for the time being instead. Hope this helps!

Baby Center  // Baby Med  //  FertilityPlus  //  Forums @ WebMD  // Examiner

Some of them may be repeated but just choose the one that works best for you! Now, you are ready to explore those forums 🙂


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