Mango sized me.

Hello world, today the app says im a mango.


Happy Sundays peeps!


Its a good food day!

My dearest cousin must have heard bean’s calling. She didn’t forget about our date and she wasn’t late (this time it’s me instead). And well..bean’s calling was good food. Good food in my opinion, is not just about expensive food. It’s about the person I’m eating with. We could be eating at the shabbiest joint anywhere but the companion matters.


Like I was telling my cousin that I would rather eat alone than having to ‘entertain’ an eating partner that I’m not comfortable with. I dislike trying to build conversations just for the sake of filling in the awkwardness in the air. But of course, when I was younger..I do have an issue about eating alone. Back then, eating alone makes me feel a should I put it, awkward? Loser-ish?Ā  I used to think that people are staring at me. But now, even if they were really staring at me, I guess I can’t be bothered. Signs of growing old? Doesnt matter. We all grow old.

Dinner was at a familiar joint at Novena with the husband. Felt a little cheated ordering the new set from the new menu but..this too shall pass.



The back of my knees kinda hurt quite a fair bit these days due to the weight I’m adding up. I can bear the pain but please don’t let those varicose veins pop!

Hunger management.

Bean cannot stand being hungry. It’s like she’s accustomed to eating at all times, snacks or not, and sometimes I think that my temporary add on salary is not gonna be enough to cover the food expenses we’re both chalking up!

Sometimes I wake at 4am and secretly munch on those biscuits beside my sleeping husband so as not to wake him up. Come to think about it, I probably could have eaten in the living room as loudly as I want..what was I thinking?! But of course, I’m not going to try to curb this appetite in any way. I still have that capacity to accommodate any extra weight at this point since my metabolism rate has always been high. Too high, in the eyes of others. Haha!

Eating is good especially if I eat right so as long as we’re both healthy..I guess that’s all that matters.

Something amusing.

I have this app installed on my phone..ok fine, android phone. It’s a baby app and it tracks the progress of bean on a weekly basis. On the very day that bean turned 4 months old, the app updated itself and told me that bean was the size of a bell pepper.


Not kidding. They always use food items to describe the size. I remembered seeing tomato once. Not trusting that a bell pepper measures 10cm, I googled. Well…I proved myself wrong. Apparently a bell pepper measures 8-10cm in length. Okay, bean, you’re the size of a bell pepper now.


That’s the tone to sneezing just in case you didn’t realize. Haha!

I have been sneezing non stop since the day I was preg. It’s by no way any sort of coincidence. I was already very allergic to dust, but I believe I was even more so into pregnancy. The sneeze is like a non-stop remix on days…and for the rest of the days, my nose is just really dsturbed by itches from dust. To make matters worse, I sometimes have to hold on to my tummy when the sneeze gets too hard. If I didn’t, the sudden knockabout gives my tummy a cramplike pain. Damn those sneezes!

So I went to check with Dr Choo (my gynae) if sneezing too hard is impactful on bean. She says no as babies are safe and protected in the womb. So, sneeze away! But hold your tummy if you must. šŸ™‚


That meant ‘what I wore today’.. quite a known hashtag if you’re an instagrammer. But in my post today there will be no images to complement with but an adaptation of a short conversation with the husband on Wednesday work morning:

Glanced at what I put together for work that morning:

Husband: “Are you wearing that out today?”

Me: “Yes, ok right?” (My response was more of asking if the matching was ok)

Husband: “No!”

Me: “Huh..why?!”

Husband: “No one is gonna see your tummy.”

I laughed out loud and wore that exact same outfit to work anyway. Small bump agony.

Happy 4 months baby!

On my last week’s visit to the gynae, bean was 4 months old! How time flies with the blink of an eye. Like the last post I said that gender doesn’t matter, it still doesn’t matter to me. It’s not on a need to know basis, it was more of a good to know basis personally. I can’t wait to start buying clothes for bean, regardless of gender. Knowing the gender also gives us a better lap time of naming our kid too. You know these days parents give their children really difficult names..sometimes even I am unable to pronounce it after my 28 years of education. I want to give bean a nice name (ok, which parent doesn’t right?) So I’m trying to get settled on the names by making sure it doesn’t rhyme with any funny lingos wherever possible.


So bean is about 10cm. Are you taking out your ruler at this point? I did, but only when I reached home. It’s amazing how they only measure 10cm when the photo of them looks like they are already fully developed. I’m also very happy to learn that the development is in good shape.

So back to the gender thing. When we were about to unveil the answer, bean was at this really awkward yoga position. Imagine the head is near to b corner of my waist and the feet is at the wall of my tummy. We have a good 60-70% that its a girl..but my mum isn’t convinced. Better luck next trip! šŸ˜€