Happy 4 months baby!

On my last week’s visit to the gynae, bean was 4 months old! How time flies with the blink of an eye. Like the last post I said that gender doesn’t matter, it still doesn’t matter to me. It’s not on a need to know basis, it was more of a good to know basis personally. I can’t wait to start buying clothes for bean, regardless of gender. Knowing the gender also gives us a better lap time of naming our kid too. You know these days parents give their children really difficult names..sometimes even I am unable to pronounce it after my 28 years of education. I want to give bean a nice name (ok, which parent doesn’t right?) So I’m trying to get settled on the names by making sure it doesn’t rhyme with any funny lingos wherever possible.


So bean is about 10cm. Are you taking out your ruler at this point? I did, but only when I reached home. It’s amazing how they only measure 10cm when the photo of them looks like they are already fully developed. I’m also very happy to learn that the development is in good shape.

So back to the gender thing. When we were about to unveil the answer, bean was at this really awkward yoga position. Imagine the head is near to b corner of my waist and the feet is at the wall of my tummy. We have a good 60-70% that its a girl..but my mum isn’t convinced. Better luck next trip! 😀


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