Sleepless night is only the beginning.

Last night’s insomnia was really bad. Coupled with the scissors kicks from Bruce Lee wannabe in my tummy, I believed I slept closed to 5am with an hourly interval trip to the washroom.

I knew I had to take time off today from work but with the 5 days off I’ve had last week, I’ve requested to work from home instead. Closing to EDD I could actually feel that my organs are being squashed. I get shortages of breath easily and my heart pumps really hard at times to bring the necessary nutrients to bean. Nausea was also something that I have to deal with on an alternate day basis. Don’t get me wrong, I may be whining about it but I am also extremely happy to know her activities show that she’s healthy and all.

Amongst all these drama, Bento has been encouraging bean to torture me with the kicks to punish me for being a nuisance on some days. Quite a dad isn’t he? Guess he got his wishes since I haven’t been sleeping well! šŸ˜© That said, this sleepless night is probably the prelude to more sleepless nights after bean pops.

I am dreading to go back to work after a good 5+1 day hiatus. Let’s hope that tonight I will sleep like a baby and have a great start to the day tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Third trimester, here we go!

So two days back we went to our gynae for the follow up and the checkup went well. Bean currently weighs 1.1kg out of the 9kg weight gained on me. Most people who learnt that I’m actually 6 months pregnant were shock to see what small bump I have. But in fact, 1.1kg is a healthy weight for the little one at this stage. The growth spurt from hereon will bring us to a healthy 2-3kg, the best ideal weight before delivery. My bump was described as compact, Bean probably knows her way around in there so it’s all good.

Also, we took the opportunity today to clear some big ticket items on the baby checklist. Till date, we have got the stroller and baby cot checked and this two cost us quite a bomb. Our (or his) damage came up to SGD1,800 but we believed it’s quite worth the spend. The stroller was a new model from Peg Perego and we had our eyes on it at the same time. It was really a coincidence as it was then a working day for both of us and we pasted the video link of the stroller to each other at the same time via gmail chat! I guess our inner minds were set on this model and nothing quite fits our eyes at the Baby hypermart.

Baby cot was the usual wood cot that most families get for their little ones but we upgraded the mattress to a premium grade where a top up of SGD200ish was required. Bento was an advocate of good night sleep and if Bean sleeps well, it meant that I would sleep well too and then Bento. U get the idea. We’ve also gotten 2 different mattress cover sets to rotate around and pretty swaddles for the baby to come home with.

Overall, I would prefer Baby Hypermart over Baby Kingdom. They have a wider variety and the showroom is more spacious. Only thing is I don’t feel the need to pop by a second time after getting the big ticket items as they have limited baby wares and design of every other things. Aesthetics do come in after safety and durability of a product, even if its for a baby. I would probably head to Mothercare or Taka baby department to get the rest of the checklist cross even if they cost a few dollars more. Afterall, Kaki Bukit is not exactly an accessible location for us.

We are Chinese!

You know how my Chinese name goes by the initial TYZ? My surname is Tan and my husband’s is Toh. He tried finding a name that coincides with what I have, which was pretty sweet of him. But the name he came up with was just too traditional for me to accept. I made noises and said bean doesn’t like it either. ^^ The name reminds me of someone who acts in those traditional movies where women binds their feet and dons on princess outfit from China. I know right. Haha! Anyway, he gave me a list of names and we have selected one which we both liked. Not revealing that name and not revealing the chosen Chinese name till bean pop … cept that it goes by the initial TYX. I like this name because it sounds really nice and there’s no other reason, I simply like it!

I hope that there will be no further changes due to unforeseen (foreseen) circumstances.

Now we’re just left with the actual Chinese words and that’s about it! šŸ™‚

Classic Dream…are you a dream?

I was contemplating if I should put up a non-baby related post on a mummy baby blog and I decided that I just had to do it.

Many of my friends would know that I’ve been saying that I’m getting a watch. Heck, my colleague/friend next to me even remembered the date I tried to get it. Why would I say tried? Because its not in my possession as yet after I went in to the shop and paid $100 as deposit sometime in March. I was getting a Tissot watch by the way. The make was Classic Dream. Ya, I’m still dreaming about it apparently..since last night I dreamt that I put on a brand new watch on my wrist. Woke up feeling pretty sore about it.

It was a legitimized retailer of Tissot watches and seriously I’m close to speechless about the level of service I’m getting here. Fine, the watch is not on the expensive range. But that doesn’t mean the service to me should be discounted. I went to get this watch in March. The outlet said they will order the watch and it will arrive in a week’s time. Perhaps that’s in animal time as its been a month now? After two weeks of no news, I’ve finally decided to make a call to the outlet and check on my watch. I explained my situation and guess what the sales person told me..: We have just managed to check the entire Singapore and no one is carrying the watch. So we are going to place the order now and Switzerland will make the watch and it will be delivered to Singapore. I asked for the watch to be delivered before my birthday and I lied that its meant for another’s birthday. That was April and the watch didn’t make it in time. They said they will take about a month then. I am currently unhappy cause its been more than a month and that watch is still not on my wrist.

I’m about to make another call to the outlet and they better give me a better excuse this time round. I hope I dont’t have to expect the delivery of the watch after I deliver Bean..seriously.