The new roadmaps on my chest.

Remember the last time I said something about varicose veins? Recently the additional weight is taking a toll on my legs and i can feel it. Periodically I would always turn to check on that one super obvious purplish vein that has a life of its own. Okay let’s not jinx it. I’ll just say that my legs are super fair and that’s not helping either!

So last night when I was about to take a shower (not saying anything rated), I took a good look at my reflection and that’s when I shouted for the husband.

Me: ‘OMG. Look at my chest area!’
Him: ‘What’s wrong?!’
Me: ‘You see! All these veins! Did they used to be so obvious?!??’
Him: ‘…Normal what, you’re growing in size.’
Meanwhile, I was still disgusted with the roadmaps on my chest when he says..
Him: ‘I thought what happen!’
Me: ‘ But really scary mah, it didnt used to be so obvious..’

I would take a photo of the roadmaps for you to get what I mean but I was not in the mood. Probably put the imagery of a super fair person and the color of green veins running but not popping.

And next thing I knew I was telling the husband about how fat I feel.


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