No point crying over split milk.


This is a post to remind myself to have my eyes wide awake when I express the next time round.. Which is in the next few hours. Painstakingly made a good 70ml only to topple it on the bed; left with 40ml of goodness and a very upset me.

No point crying over split milk they say.


2 thoughts on “No point crying over split milk.

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry for your loss!!!! – I remember that feeling of how precious each drop of milk is, I’d forever be trying to look after every last drop because it was so much effort to express.

    Not only did you lose a load of milk but you also had to change the sheets 😦 life isn’t fair!

    Wonderful post – so simple and yet it brought back a wave of emotions that I’d forgotten about!! It won’t happen again xxx

    love Hannah xx

    p.s. I’m honoured that you have included me in your blog roll, thank you so much! xx

    • Hello Hannah!

      You’re welcome, love your posts and photos! 🙂

      yup, that post was a reminder to myself hoping it will never happen again. Touchwood, it’s been pretty safe ever since. 🙂

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