The thing about Spoonfeeding.

I remembered those days where I was younger and our teachers often spoon feed us with answers. When I was much younger my mum spoon fed me because I couldn’t hold my own utensils yet. But how and when should we stop spoon feeding our young ones? Yes, we all know that we will always remain as our parent’s child even when we turn 50 but honestly there should be a stop to it?

An article recently on the Sunday Chinese paper mentioned that ‘A mum who knows everything will nurture a daughter who knows nothing’, vice versa. I believe that unless we stop spoon feeding then a child will always remain as a child even when they are 30. Such as picking the bones in a fish to washing and folding up one’s dirty laundry. Perhaps, if maybe one could learn to let go as a parent and let the child do things by themselves and at their own pace, then the child will never learn to do things on their own. Or say, taking you for granted. So, yes, let the child grow up. They will start appreciating things around them more.

Otherwise, just leave it to the spouse.


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