Diapers Galore.

You name it, we tried it. That’s for most of the brands that the supermarket holds. Huggies, Merries, Drypers, Pet Pet, Mamypoko and Pampers. You can’t imagine the heartache I have when we can’t finish up the diapers that doesn’t suit her..or those we used only one piece and she’s not suited. But of course, she’s the priority! So far we’ve given away two big packs which we felt that doesn’t suit her. I still have another two more brands in large size and we’ll try again if she’s okay to finish them up or we’ll have to find someone to give them away to too.

You know how all these diapers differs in size? Some of these above mentioned diapers were so big for a newborn that it should be deemed suitable for an infant aged between 2-3 months, that’s unless if you don’t have a slim baby like I do. Some of these diapers doesn’t have enough holding power and sometimes fresh diaper smells after Charley peed only once in it.

Every baby is different. I’m not suggesting you go try out every brand like I did but do keep a look out every time you do a diaper change to check if that particular brand works for your little one!


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