There’s a virus going around here.

Mid of last week (or earlier), everyone came down with the FFC – Flu, Fever and Cough. It all started with the Papa, then the baby caught it…and she passed it to me. Caring for a baby is a pretty uphill task. Caring for a baby that falls sick? Make that a ‘up-mountain’ task!

So, my clingy sticker baby became super glue the moment she felt unwell. Constantly wanted to be carried all the time and refusing to play on her own for even a minute. She even lost her appetite, not that it was already fantastic to begin with. Charley has a rather small appetite on most days. While other kiddos are downing 210ml, she’s still hovering between 150-180ml, looking slim as ever. With every feed she took ever since she came down with the FFC, every cough warrants a vomit. We used to worry about such vomits..but an incident which led us to a doctor’s consultation has reassured us that it’s quite normal for baby to cough and puke because they squeeze their stomach muscle too hard. She has also declined taking milk because she can’t breathe and take in a bottle at the same time; or with that added torture of swallowing down milk a throat that has puked a fair bit (my poor baby!). So with the lost in appetite, it seems like she has lost a bit of weight. Undeterred to letting her lose more weight. I went along with feeding her using a cup for the last two days. There were spills but at least she’s drinking! I’m only doing this because we have been training her to drink direct from a cup for quite some time. Part of me worry that she will grow the habit of preferring milk in a cup but I guess that worry is uncalled for because she managed to drink back from her bottle this evening.

In a weird motherly way, I’m quite glad that I’ve caught the virus from her. That way, I know exactly what she’s going through and I can try to make things better, more comfortable for her. So in our attempt to make her more comfy, the papa and I took turns to suck out the mucus from her nose. Ah, such is love. (Yucks, Yikes, Eeks!) But before you think it’s horribly disgusting, I just want to say your turn may come. Haha.

That said, she has since recovered from her fever (because the above was drafted for two days!) and she’s left with a phlegm-y cough and running nose. She’s also getting back to holding her own bottle and finishing up her porridge. Keeping my fingers crossed that this gets better! Very thankful that she’s got her appetite back too. Here’s a picture of my sick Koala (ignore the Aunty looking me):



Charley is officially ONE!

Entire July went by in a whim! We were so busy that the only place I was updating about me and Charley was on Instagram. We shifted into our new place and Charley celebrated her first birthday at our new place! Definitely what I’ve hope for for her first party! I’ve wanted a cosy place and private/ intimate setting and everything went exactly as planned. Thanks to my girls for helping out. Couldn’t have thanked them enough.

So what did we have for Charley’s big ONE?











If I had the time, I would love to be able to bake my own dessert table. It is quite horrible how the real world is charging exorbitant prices just for cupcakes and cakes. Maybe next year, when my dear daughter learns not to cling on to my legs while I wash the dishes, I could bake something nice for her. I’ve went through quite a fair bit of pastry vendors to get to the chosen one. Many of these vendors are charging an overrated pricing from $500 onwards and I think that’s totally uncalled for, plus it’s way over my budget. I’ve even came across one that’s asking for $1k plus with just a few items. So I’ve went along with this newly established pastry shop called Edith patisserie. The cakes are done by Ethel and Shaun (I think?) and they are charging a fairly reasonable pricing for what I’m asking for. Moreover, their bakes are child-friendly (less sweet in my opinion) and their service is pretty good. Love their raspberry choco cake, praline tarts and passionfruit mango tarts! They tasted awesome!

Decors: I’ve only got a few decors up for the house. There is a photo bunting on one wall and pinwheels on the other side of the wall – for photo taking purposes. The craft paper are bought randomly at Daiso and another shop which I’ve forgotten the name but it’s somewhere at Wheelock.

Dessert table: The blue polka dot tablecloth is provided by Edith Patisserie and the table runner is bought from ikea. The transparent sealable jugs/ container are also from ikea. The floral trays are from Daiso and I’m currently using them to place fridge items so that the condensed water won’t form on the base. The ribbon for the containers are from Popular bookstore.

For real food: a dear friend SY helped to buy fried bee hoon and old Chang kee just in case some of my guest turns up hungry. She has bought 30 pax worth of beehoon and we ended up giving some away to the workers under my block. 30pax worth of beehoon was a lot! No joke! Some of our guest also left with beehoon takeaway for the night. My mum made two trays of curry and I’ve also had fried rice cooked for the occasion so we ended up with a lot of leftovers. Not forgetting almond and konnyaku desserts. Burped.

Drinks: I’ve made Ribena and detox lemon drink in the fridge. Quite amazed that my guest drank the lemon water because I didn’t plan that for the party, it was actually for personal consumption but I’ve no complaints about that! They probably needed to clean up abit from eating too much sweets! 😛 Another gf sponsored more packeted drinks and now they are sitting in my fridge! 😀

All the craft works are made with love by Charley’s BFF, misschua. Even the photos are taken by her. She’s not professional but if you would like to engage her services, do leave a comment/email!

Did I miss out anything? If you see something there that I’ve not mentioned and you would like to find out how we got it, please leave a comment and I will revert soonest! 🙂

With that, with a lot of love, Happy Birthday again my munchkin.

Onwards we go, 9th month and counting!

Amazingly how just the other day I was deliberating on how your first year party should be like. Today you’re 9 months old! Happy 9th Charley!

Not your best photo but one of my best with no totally makeup 😛

It’s quite crazy how I’ve gotten used to having a mini me beside me. Of course, not crazily in love with close to zilch time to doll up myself at all that I’ve often went out with close to no makeup gasp! (i see many disapproving faces here, haha). But I’ve never imagined me to become another little life’s mum. You know… It still felt like just yesterday I’m in my early 20s.

There’s no cake for a little 9 month old baby but we’ll try to have 1 for your first year party! 20140430-232931.jpg

Charley’s solids – Purple Sweet Potato

Okay, I didn’t know that the sweet potato that I’ve bought from our local organic store turns out to be purple. I thought the skin was purple and the flesh orange. Human minds are trained in such a way that if the food comes out in weird colors, the food is weird. Let’s say… Pink bananas? You get my drift. So purple? Let’s just say maybe my baby would like it cause it’s a rainbow color. Nah, my baby is 8 months old what does she know about colors? 😛

So today we tried this purple sweet potato mixed with brown rice porridge (which I’ve painstakingly cooked it over slow fire at 7am and blend it down to its finest at 9am when Charley wakes from her first nap). Here’s a sneak peek:

Would you eat that? There’s pork, organic brown rice and sweet potato here. She had a few mouth to determine she wasn’t a huge fan and refuses to open her mouth thereafter.

See what I mean?

I find that the slightly green sweet potato is sweeter than the purple one. To me, this one tasted bland and if I was the one having it, I would definitely spice it up. But of course it would do for Charley, she’s not having sugar and salt in her diet yet. Baking it is another option, but we’ll start on that when she’s older.

Someone said online that the baby poop may turn out purple… Let’s wait to find out. I will definitely update you if it’s true! 😀

Happy Eight Months Charleybaby!

It suddenly hit me that in another 4 months this little bean is turning 1 year old. How scarily fast is that?

Charley has not been an easy sleeper. Since young, she would love to fall asleep in our arms or against our chest. You know la, babies and heartbeat of an adult are an entity together. They sleep really well with that I’ll say! So in a turn of events, this little bean was made to go through a tedious sleep pattern the previous night. This new way of just patting her to sleep will be her transition of going to sleep on her own as she gets older. Obviously, last night she cried like a shipwreck. Sigh. Times like this I wished we started letting her sleep in her crib since day 1. We have been doing co-sleeping and even if I wanted to move her to her crib now I can’t, cause I’m in a moving-home phase myself. Our current room doesn’t have space to fit our existing crib so I’ll have to wait till our new place is ready before I get her to sleep on her own…. With me on the mattress next to her. So we will still co-sleep but on a separate bed. Hopefully she learns this new sleep pattern fast otherwise there will be titanic every night. Yesterday was day 2 and she fared slightly better.

As for her food repertoire, we have included fish daily. We have also tried celery, cauliflower, tofu, a little bit of bread and unsalted butter (she tasted and spit it out!) and now we’re going to try asparagus. I love my greens! Haha! Next up would be poultry items, kiwis and berries. Some say wait up for berries as babies can get allergy from those… But since the dad and mum doesn’t have allergies to those I’m assuming that she’s on the safe side. However, we have quite a fair bit of items to finish up so she may probably get to taste berries only when she’s close to nine months. Can’t wait for this little one to start eating on her own even though I had fun making food cubes! 😉

Charley has also started waving bye bye to familiar faces or anyone she fancies. She is also constantly clapping her hands from time to time. She smiles when she claps and you chant out ‘Clap your hands!’. Her first call out was to baa baa (Daddy in Chinese) and I can’t wait for Maa mee. Yup, definitely growing up too fast too furious!

So recently we have been busy meeting up with some of my friends before I start ‘losing friends and alienating people’. So dear friends reading this and if I haven’t call you up, please call me out for a short coffee session in the afternoon! 😛

What’s in store for is at mine months old? We’ll wait to find out!

Read about our Home Reno updates here.

20140403-162421.jpgHey Ma, just hangin’ at my new home’s corridor

Baby schedule.

I haven’t tried bring Charley out on my own as of yet. Most of the time I’m out with my mum. In fact, Charley’s day schedule is so packed to the brim that sometimes she’s hardly got time to go to our nearby market. Well, when her schedule is so packed.. It only means that mine is twice worse since I’ve to look after her needs and wants. Further to that, her sleep regression is not doing me any good. These days, her nap time is so erratic that it ranges from 15 mins to 1 hr. In that time frame, I’m suppose to eat, wash up anything/everything, cook her food, wash her clothes and the list goes on.

At 7 months going 8 months old, this fine lady definitely knows how to show her moods. Sometimes she knows that by screaming her heart out does get her somewhere… But it doesn’t work on me every time so soon she’ll have to wise up 😛 She has also learnt to turn her face away from the bottle when she’s had enough. In the past she’ll just cough while drinking and the milk will always land on my face. When I tried to pop the bottle back into her mouth, she will struggle and find ways to turn away like stretching her body and making it as straight as a wakeboard. Yeap, this girl is growing up alright.

While I’m envious that some of the babies around her age are already sleeping through the night. I guess my time will come… eventually. I could coax her into thinking that there will be no more night feeds but since she’s a slim baby, I might as well let her drink if she’s up for it. For now I’ll just have to suck it up till she grows out of it on her own.

So a typical day goes like this:

6.30 – 7.30am: Baby wakes. Sometimes I’m lucky when she wakes at 7.30am, sometimes I get zombie hours at 5.30am. She would smile at me and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I don’t feed her when she wakes at such late timing closer to first feed else the day schedule would go haywire.

7.00am – 7.30am: First milk feed. Don’t get me wrong here. It’s not combat schooling so the timing is not fixed.

8.00am: I’ll make her two portion blended cereal; one for the evening. Sometimes we’ll to the market at this godly hour.

8.30am – 9.30am: Nap. These days she’s refusing to go for her nap. I catch my breakfast while she naps.

9.30am: Baby Breakfast is served. Currently into purée.

10.00am: Shower.

11.30am: Second milk feed.

12.00pm: Second nap of the day. Sometimes it’s a good one hour nap, other days it’s a 15 min cat nap. I catch my lunch here.

2.00pm: Fruit tasting. Enough said.

3.30pm: Milk feed.

4.30pm: If I’m lucky she will take another nap here.

5.30pm: Baby Dinner is served.

6.30pm: Quick shower. Charley perspires a lot so it’s not possible to just wipe her up. Yes I know that babies have heir natural oils to protect them and I’m washing it away but I think letting her sleep in comfort is better than letting her sleep in perspiration. Furthermore I’d just briefly wash her up.

7.30pm: Milk feed and night routine. She’ll go to sleep between 7.30pm – 8.00pm these days and that’s when I connect myself to the rest of the world.

11.00pm: Struggling to sleep. Sometimes she’ll need a feed here sometimes she doesn’t.

2.30am – Night feed.

And my day starts all over again like 50 days of summer only that I’ve still got my memory intact. Of course I’ll try my best to keep to her schedule when we’re out and we’ll just skip on fruits in the noon. How is your baby schedule like? Do share them along with me! 🙂


Charley’s solids – Puréed Potato

Charley doesn’t fancy potato the minute I popped it into her mouth. Maybe it isn’t the right time, maybe she’s not keen to try out at this moment but we’re not giving up! How can little munchkin not like potato when that’s her daddy’s favorite food?


This post is a little late because so far we’ve tried other food like peas, sweet potato, broccoli, sweet corn, carrot, apple, avocado, pear and banana. Little munchkin is really not a fan of eating. Either that or she’s been teething and it’s been pretty hard on her gums. So far she has two little ones on the lower gums and one more is popping on the top gum. She’s salivating so much that she’s got this rashes on her chin (ugh!) and I didn’t want to put any cream since it’s so near to her mouth. Well, it will go away eventually!

Nope, she’s not feeding herself…yet