Hello, officially.

This 1st post is way overdue! Before you start to form (bad) first impressions of me or get all judgey-eyed, let me remind you that I am a mother of two and of which, one is in his terrible twos.. Need I say more?

But whatever my excuse is, it will always be a lousy excuse because, let’s face it, a mother doesn’t get rest days and yet we always find the time to complete everything that is expected of us and more. So please accept my sincere apologies for this late introductory post and know that I am committed to sharing all my mommy experiences with you, fellow mommies (and perhaps some daddies).

First up, a little bit about myself. I am 32 this year and as mentioned above, mother to a boy named Issey (31mo) and a girl named Raeann (6mo). I have been a stay-at-home-mom since the birth of my firstborn but I assure you I know equally well the woes of working moms as I have many friends who wears this hat and I salute them with all of my heart. If we could all learn to get along, there will be plenty to learn from each other, I am sure!

I don’t have a helper but I do have a cleaning lady who helps me with my chores once a week so I get to keep some of my sanity. I believe home-cooked food is the best for my children and nothing is good enough for them unless I do it myself. I whole-heartedly embrace what nature has to offer and always ensures fresh fruits are readily available in the house at all times as opposed to taking supplements. I used to go with only organic but since Issey turned 2yo, I have relaxed a lot on this rule because I figured he needs to get in contact with some germs and bacteria in order for his body to grow stronger naturally. (Ok, fine. Also because Raeann came along so who cares if he is getting organic food? As long as he gets food, I feel accomplished. Haha!)

In terms of disciplining my children, I strongly believe it should start from the second they are born. Not saying you should start hitting them or what but TRAINING. I cannot stress enough how important it is to train your children as early in their lives as you can. Be it sleep training, feeding habits, speech training (yes even from the 1st day you meet them!) etc etc, it should start early. Having said that, I don’t like to force my children to do things they don’t like. If I train them and they go along with it, then good for me. If they don’t seem happy about it, I don’t push it. Let it rest for a few days/weeks (depending on situation) and try again. A child learns best when they are happy and ready, so always wait for them to be ready.

My parenting motto is this, “A crying child is not an unloved child.” I am also all for child-led parenting. I abide by it as much as I can until the situation gets out of control (eg. health hazards, tantrums, etc). I believe firmly in walking the talk so I never demonstrate any behavior that I don’t wish to see my children displaying. At least not in front of them!

I hope that is enough to paint you a picture of the kind of Mommy I am. As we bond together over the next few posts, I am sure you will uncover more of my dirty parenting secrets so let’s not rush things.

Mommy Meowmee and myself would like to invite all you fellow mommies to join us on this journey of self-discovery and exploration with our kids, otherwise known as Parenting! Let’s share all our experiences, big or small, good or bad, bit by bit, little by little, until we are all little pockets full.

Thank you for having me in this big parenting family!

Mommy kellykylie


Recipe: Mac & Cheese (The Easy Way)


I have been finding easy to cook recipes mostly because my day is usually quite pressed for time. So the other day, I went on to cook Mac & Cheese for the kiddo. Our nearest supermarket was on renovation so I had to make do with what the smaller Marts were offering. Here is the recipe I went with but adapted along the way by omitting salt and included super vegetables. I purposely added in a fair bit of vegetables because I was clearing my fridge. Which explains why my final dish became a superfood instead. Well, the more the merrier! You can stick to the original..


Step 1: Boil the macaroni until al dente. Drain and set aside. I’ve threw in my vegetables to soften it at the same time.

Step 2: In a saucepan, heat up the butter till it is completely melted and add in the flour. Okay, I’ve forgotten that I’ve included 1 tbsp of  ALL PURPOSE FLOUR to my ingredient list. Please note! Mix for about 3-4 minutes.

Step 4: Add in fresh milk slowly. I didn’t warm the milk beforehand but I removed it from the fridge for a while before I add it into the sauce. Mix until sauce thickens.

Step 5: Reduce stove to lowest heat and add in Cheese! Stir till completely melted and your sauce is almost ready. Add in pepper to taste (if you’d like) and toss sauce with macaroni.

It’s a pity I couldn’t find my ramekin dishes before I moved. I used to bake molten lava cake in those and would have definitely given this Mac & Cheese a yummy uplift by baking in the oven but I couldn’t find another dish to replace at the very last minute 😦


Verdict: Charley seems quite okay with the food. She finished up but got quite thirsty after. I would definitely try it with Cheddar the next time. I’ve tried the food personally and find it a little…bland. Haha! I think my tastebuds are accustomed to seasonings. If you’ve got a different recipe and it’s awesome, please share! 🙂

There’s a virus going around here.

Mid of last week (or earlier), everyone came down with the FFC – Flu, Fever and Cough. It all started with the Papa, then the baby caught it…and she passed it to me. Caring for a baby is a pretty uphill task. Caring for a baby that falls sick? Make that a ‘up-mountain’ task!

So, my clingy sticker baby became super glue the moment she felt unwell. Constantly wanted to be carried all the time and refusing to play on her own for even a minute. She even lost her appetite, not that it was already fantastic to begin with. Charley has a rather small appetite on most days. While other kiddos are downing 210ml, she’s still hovering between 150-180ml, looking slim as ever. With every feed she took ever since she came down with the FFC, every cough warrants a vomit. We used to worry about such vomits..but an incident which led us to a doctor’s consultation has reassured us that it’s quite normal for baby to cough and puke because they squeeze their stomach muscle too hard. She has also declined taking milk because she can’t breathe and take in a bottle at the same time; or with that added torture of swallowing down milk a throat that has puked a fair bit (my poor baby!). So with the lost in appetite, it seems like she has lost a bit of weight. Undeterred to letting her lose more weight. I went along with feeding her using a cup for the last two days. There were spills but at least she’s drinking! I’m only doing this because we have been training her to drink direct from a cup for quite some time. Part of me worry that she will grow the habit of preferring milk in a cup but I guess that worry is uncalled for because she managed to drink back from her bottle this evening.

In a weird motherly way, I’m quite glad that I’ve caught the virus from her. That way, I know exactly what she’s going through and I can try to make things better, more comfortable for her. So in our attempt to make her more comfy, the papa and I took turns to suck out the mucus from her nose. Ah, such is love. (Yucks, Yikes, Eeks!) But before you think it’s horribly disgusting, I just want to say your turn may come. Haha.

That said, she has since recovered from her fever (because the above was drafted for two days!) and she’s left with a phlegm-y cough and running nose. She’s also getting back to holding her own bottle and finishing up her porridge. Keeping my fingers crossed that this gets better! Very thankful that she’s got her appetite back too. Here’s a picture of my sick Koala (ignore the Aunty looking me):


Hello again!

Sorry for the lack of updates! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be blogging on my laptop again! These past few posts were written using my iPhone and it drives me a little crazy looking at a small screen. So what happened to my trusty macbook pro? This lao-kok-kok laptop of mine was stuck on its start up screen (yup I have been staring at a ‘quarter-eaten-logo’ and that’s it) and thereafter, the battery pack ‘exploded’ and my trackpad got ‘pregnant’ and my laptop wouldn’t close. So many and after, my happiness came back! 🙂 Okay, half that happiness since my photos were all erased and it came back brand new after being reformatted. Nonetheless, better than having to buy a new laptop!

I have been busy with planning for Charley’s one year old party and I’m very glad to have my dear friend’s help! Shopping is never easy with a kiddo! We are keeping things simple and economical so I will be blogging on that soon. I am also looking around to have pretty cakes for her birthday and if you have any recommendation, please drop me a msg!

Aside to that, Charley has her first beach experience and a second swim at the pool with her new float. More about that later..so my dear readers, stay with me!

Meanwhile, find updates on my Instagram! 🙂

Learning to know, Learning to fall.

Few weeks ago someone rolled her eyes at me and my daughter in the train. She was a working adult, carrying a twisted balloon which has drawings on it. It was a peak hour train ride at 6.00pm. Perhaps she was thinking that my poor baby was eyeing that balloon but really, Charley was just craving for some sort of attention. However, that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.

Call me a strict mum but I believe that whatever you guide/teach your child now it will form on their behavior and learning even as early as 8 months old. Why do I say that? Because babies have a really absorbent brain which is similar to a sponge now. Imagine a newly bought hard disk, or a shower sponge if you must. If you repeatedly curse in front of your baby, your baby will definitely pick that language up and use it back when they get more verbal.

So when others carry Charley and says the ‘wrong’ things I spare no effort to correct them immediately. For eg, one does not say gai-gai (shopping) to a baby when the baby is not going out. People asked me, ‘What’s the big deal? Your baby doesn’t understand now isn’t it?’ But well, that’s how they learn isn’t it? If you repeatedly tell a child gai-gai while he/she is seated then they will think that ‘gai-gai’ means sitting down. So yes, it is quite a big deal.

You do not shower too much attention over a small fall. All kiddos fall as they grows up. It is almost mission impossible not to fall as they grow but of course, one does not purposely let a baby fall. You know that children craves for attention. You don’t tell a kid that the floor is naughty when they fall or repeatedly ask where they knock themselves at because they are going to say everywhere hurts because you kept asking them continuously. Imagine your child all grown up and blaming it on the floor at 10 years old. Instead of showering too much of the wrong attention, just let the child know that it is okay to fall. You know how some kids run towards their parents, slipped and fall, get back on their own feet and smile at their parents? That’s the kind of children I would like to nurture.

In life, we cannot determine when’s our next fall but at least we know that we can get right back up on our own feet without anyone’s help. Doesn’t need anyone to tell you things are okay because you are okay on your own. You will be independent. You will learn to be more careful. Yes, it is painful to fall but it is really no big deal.

Onwards we go, 9th month and counting!

Amazingly how just the other day I was deliberating on how your first year party should be like. Today you’re 9 months old! Happy 9th Charley!

Not your best photo but one of my best with no totally makeup 😛

It’s quite crazy how I’ve gotten used to having a mini me beside me. Of course, not crazily in love with close to zilch time to doll up myself at all that I’ve often went out with close to no makeup gasp! (i see many disapproving faces here, haha). But I’ve never imagined me to become another little life’s mum. You know… It still felt like just yesterday I’m in my early 20s.

There’s no cake for a little 9 month old baby but we’ll try to have 1 for your first year party! 20140430-232931.jpg

A little note about Carousell.

A little deviation from my baby musings.

You know Carousell? Well, to date I’ve managed to sell two items. A dress I’ve never worn before and a North Face bag I’ve previously bought for traveling. I thought that this app was great for selling pre-loved items. It’s like a modernized garang-guni man, only on the social platform.

However, one thing I didn’t fancy about the app is that they allowed PO. PO – Pre-Order, is for group buys where people order the items from the seller first and receive the item once the seller reaches their minimum order in order to purchase from their supplier. Of course, group buys make things cheap..only if you got the patience to wait for it to arrive (usually 1-3 weeks depending if the order is cap). Recently I’ve happened to like an item and the item seller seems to have ran off with the money collected. You know these PO means you have to transfer the payment in first to secure your purchase. I wasn’t a victim since I didn’t buy (I’m not a fan of PO!) but I’ve seen some buyers plastering angry messages on the comments track asking for their refund and threatening to go to the police. Well, I don’t know both side of the story so I shall keep my comments to myself but yeap, I’ve never trusted PO. It takes a lot to convince me if a particular seller is genuine. So please be safe when shopping with some sellers.

That said, I still enjoy browsing through the app. I’ve bought a dress from the site and managed to meet up with the seller directly since she stayed near my previous place. It was COD so it was such a safe buy! I’ve contemplated about the dress since my last buying trip to BKK, after I delivered a baby to till she’s 8 months old. If I liked it till now I guess it’s a great buy! Hehe. The app is slightly addictive in my opinion and I keep wondering what can I put up next to sell! What should I sell next….:P