Packing for Bean.

I’m sure as first time parents like us you’ll want to bring every single thing you’ve bought for the little one. It’s the same for us. With every item we packed, it’s like ‘hey, let’s bring another one..let’s take this too..let’s bring more, we can choose later…more variety!’ And then the bag gets heavier. The husband always say that it doesn’t matter cause he’s the one carrying it. (Of course I can’t be the one carrying it, I’m already carrying a 3kg bundle of joy isn’t it!?) Though I’d like to think that way, this time round I’ll like to steer to the more practical side where possible. Let’s do this before I change my mind..haha!

Before we go on, I thought I’ll just spam you with my face. Yes, today we went to have our final baby checkup with Dr Choo at Gleneagles (town!) with no makeup and my semi permanent dark eye circles. Bean is at a good weight of 3kg even with my last few binges of ice cream. Guilty as charged!


So the last post was about what I have in my hospital bag, here’s what we’re going to have for Bean!

1. Bean’s homecoming outfit – I’m bringing a bodysuit and a all-in-one romper. Accompanied by scratch mitts, socks and a hat/beanie for the bodysuit. The reason why I’m bring two different ones because the bodysuit is slightly smaller in size. We won’t know how big Bean is going to be and we definitely would prefer her not to be swallowed by her clothes. She’s a girl you know! šŸ˜€

2. Swaddle – the receiving blanket that we are going to wrap this little one into a space ball. Initially we’ve only bought 3 pieces..and then there was another 3 more, and before you know it, we have about 10 – 12 pieces! The last batch came in together with some Noise CD that the hubs bought from Amazon. I didn’t even knew that this was coming. I’m bringing a slightly thicker one with a thinnerone, depending on the weather. Since we have also bought a woombie, I’m bringing one woombie because that makes the baby feel like she’s still nicely tuck in the womb! Ahhh, alot of warmth!


Photo courtesy of Woombie

Too cute!

3. Diapers – I’m not sure if the hospital provides? Or if they charges per pack from usage. Since I’m already bringing my own sanitary napkins, I’ll just bring along one pack for Bean. Well, we can always bring this back or store as backup in the car boot.. Meanwhile, this goes into the handcarry on my list.

4. Wetwipes – already in my bag!

5. Car Seat – if you own a car it’s a must have!

Bean’s bag is so compact compared to mine! Remember to packonly the essentials, if you realize that you’ve miss out anything, you can always send your husband home to grab it before both mother and baby discharge from the hospital!


I’m lying to you..

If I say I’m all prep and ready to birth. Who is?!! I’m actually embracing my fear, a little too much in fact. On one of the nights last last week, I have suddenly confessed to the husband that I am worried and scared of childbirth. I have been hiding my fear with pretty toddler apparel purchases and the thought of bean directly in my arms that I have been skipping the gory glory parts of it – the process of delivery. It’s even crazier that the right countdown counter on my blog says I’m currently one month away from seeing my baby. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to see dear bean and hold her in my arms. But I’m a mouse when it comes to hospital and all that jazz. I believe I am categorized as a rather hysterical patient by the people who has been through that with me.

I’m currently weighing my options of going on GA (general anesthesia) or just half body with epidural. Previously I’ve wanted to go natural but the gynae advised us to go for caesarean if bean is hitting near 2.8kg and above because of my narrow hip. I guess I can only update as I go by since bean is weighing about 1.5 kg about 2 weeks back. She may have potentially puffed up her cheeks over this week with the amount of food I’m gorging on. The good thing about GA is I won’t feel a thing and the gynae can probably focus better minus the hysterical part of me. Bad thing would be I’m not sure if the husband can go in and cut the umbilical cord and I won’t be the first few to see bean cause I may still be asleep… For half body, I’m not sure if I can stand the tugging and movements of the gynae on my lower body and remain calm..bearing in mind the same movements as my horrendous first root canal treatment when I was way younger. Let me weigh out the pros and cons of each with my gynae and decide nearer to date. High time to muster up courage for a new mum to be!

Third trimester, here we go!

So two days back we went to our gynae for the follow up and the checkup went well. Bean currently weighs 1.1kg out of the 9kg weight gained on me. Most people who learnt that I’m actually 6 months pregnant were shock to see what small bump I have. But in fact, 1.1kg is a healthy weight for the little one at this stage. The growth spurt from hereon will bring us to a healthy 2-3kg, the best ideal weight before delivery. My bump was described as compact, Bean probably knows her way around in there so it’s all good.

Also, we took the opportunity today to clear some big ticket items on the baby checklist. Till date, we have got the stroller and baby cot checked and this two cost us quite a bomb. Our (or his) damage came up to SGD1,800 but we believed it’s quite worth the spend. The stroller was a new model from Peg Perego and we had our eyes on it at the same time. It was really a coincidence as it was then a working day for both of us and we pasted the video link of the stroller to each other at the same time via gmail chat! I guess our inner minds were set on this model and nothing quite fits our eyes at the Baby hypermart.

Baby cot was the usual wood cot that most families get for their little ones but we upgraded the mattress to a premium grade where a top up of SGD200ish was required. Bento was an advocate of good night sleep and if Bean sleeps well, it meant that I would sleep well too and then Bento. U get the idea. We’ve also gotten 2 different mattress cover sets to rotate around and pretty swaddles for the baby to come home with.

Overall, I would prefer Baby Hypermart over Baby Kingdom. They have a wider variety and the showroom is more spacious. Only thing is I don’t feel the need to pop by a second time after getting the big ticket items as they have limited baby wares and design of every other things. Aesthetics do come in after safety and durability of a product, even if its for a baby. I would probably head to Mothercare or Taka baby department to get the rest of the checklist cross even if they cost a few dollars more. Afterall, Kaki Bukit is not exactly an accessible location for us.

Today I am going to talk about…


and Delivering Babies.

I’ve totally no love for men who determine (and made that a final option) on how their pregnant wives should deliver their babies. From all the stories I’ve heard, one of the worst I’ve heard thus far was that this man thinks that, if the wife go ahead with epidural during natural birth, she is not a real woman who has experienced child birthing. I thought it was pretty nonsensical that his entire family thinks the same, and her mother in law (mil) says that she managed without epidural and that she’s a real woman who went through being a woman.

Now to that, duck you both.

Come on, every month when I am having my menses, I feel like a real woman. I don’t need this process to determine if I am real or not, my organs speak for themselves.

Honestly, I feel for this wife. I mean, she was ‘brainwashed’ into believing that’s her way out. But it’s really not. I believed that she don’t trust what she was sharing and she was made into saying that as though she believes in it, so that nobody judges her extended family tree. It’s not about judging actually, it’s more of knowing your options and going for what works best for you. You are the one that’s going through childbirth, not anyone else. And for that matter, make use of the technology you have in this generation as you deem fit. No one is suppose to tell you what to do. In fact, some mothers don’t even have the option to choose whereas for others, they made their choices but they have to change it to another procedure halfway due to complications. It’s really not that easy.

Of course, for mothers who went through the entire process without any drugs, I salute you. But if you’re a mum whom have opt for less painful methods, there is no wrong in that. Many have asked me what would I go for .. and personally I hope to be the first to hold bean aside to the doctor, or second to my husband. So that means, natural birth with epidural cause I’ve have no threshold for pain. In fact, I have no love for needles in any medical aspect. The last time I recalled I wailed like a baby being pushed into the operating theatre and I wanted to stop the procedure while the nurse was trying to IV me. Sadly, once you signed the procedure form there is no U-turning back. That aside, I do hope that everything turns out well. Otherwise, like I said earlier, there is no other option and it’s all in the hands of your gynae.

I also do not believe the old saying that taking epidural will cause you more aches when you age. I’ve asked my gynae and she says the aches comes with old age. So don’t go pushing all the blame to many women went through childbirth with epidural? If it was the main cause of those aches, I’m sure researched science would have stop the usage of this awesome medical drug by now šŸ™‚

I’m not advocating any forms of childbirth methods. It’s really all up to the individual and whichever method you opt for, there is no one you have to answer to, there is no wrong or right, and no one should judge you based on the choices you made.

Halfway mark.

I’m currently into my 5th month, that only meant another few more months to go. How time flies when you’re busy working. That said, I haven’t been actively piling up those baby knowledge and making up my mind for confinement stuff either. Too busy. Le sigh.

My feet have also started to feel the weight pile even though bean is only about 400grams. . Maybe the rest of the weight came from my own weight gain? šŸ˜› Either way I guess its not reflecting much since first time strangers say I’m as pregnant as a cat. Further elaborating that you can only tell if a cat is pregnant when you look at it’s tummy. Glad to hear that.

On a side note, we are starting to feel bean’s activity in my tummy! It’s indeed indescribable. The first time when I felt it last month where I was only about 4 months into pregnancy, I described the feeling as ‘wobbly’. I asked my gynae and she says not everyone can feel it at 4 months cause the movements are very light..its almost like a fly landing on you. I know…we could have stick to more beautiful things like butterflies but I guess butterflies movements are heavier. The wobbling was actually quite an awkward feeling.. Like I said, its indescribable and wobble was the closest term I could came up with. Now at 5 months, I can tell you bean no longer wobbles…she kicks! In such a way that it felt like an extra heartbeat when I managed to catch the movements on my belly with my bare hands! I have not catch up with her kicking patterns yet but it seems that waiting for dinner is unbearable for her (like it is for me). I had to get Bento (the husband) to listen in to the movements. And I don’t know why I’m so happy when bean kicks when he place his head on my belly. Maybe I’m thinking in the sense that bean is kicking his father’s face..probably something I wanted to do in my dreams. Hahaha! With that, it’ll be another month to the gynae and I’ll keep you guys posted of more updates to come! Happy April’s Fool people! šŸ™‚

Happy 4 months baby!

On my last week’s visit to the gynae, bean was 4 months old! How time flies with the blink of an eye. Like the last post I said that gender doesn’t matter, it still doesn’t matter to me. It’s not on a need to know basis, it was more of a good to know basis personally. I can’t wait to start buying clothes for bean, regardless of gender. Knowing the gender also gives us a better lap time of naming our kid too. You know these days parents give their children really difficult names..sometimes even I am unable to pronounce it after my 28 years of education. I want to give bean a nice name (ok, which parent doesn’t right?) So I’m trying to get settled on the names by making sure it doesn’t rhyme with any funny lingos wherever possible.


So bean is about 10cm. Are you taking out your ruler at this point? I did, but only when I reached home. It’s amazing how they only measure 10cm when the photo of them looks like they are already fully developed. I’m also very happy to learn that the development is in good shape.

So back to the gender thing. When we were about to unveil the answer, bean was at this really awkward yoga position. Imagine the head is near to b corner of my waist and the feet is at the wall of my tummy. We have a good 60-70% that its a girl..but my mum isn’t convinced. Better luck next trip! šŸ˜€

The Questions

While waiting for our turn at the gynae, I was requested to do a urine test. I guess instructions wasn’t clear enough to me and I made an embarrassed return but I shall skip that cause you may potentially change your impression of me. Haha.

I have to be clear that in any of my posts, my recommendation of my gynae is not an advertorial of her or her clinic. I’m not paid for it and I’m paying for my visits. I’m not sponsored to write about her in any sense so my opinion is what I truly feel in any of the scenarios mentioned. Probably biased to myself, since its my opinion.

In my last post, little bean is about 8 weeks, today, 9 weeks old. In another few more weeks, we are going to know about the gender. Yes, we have decided to know the baby’s gender cause I cannot wait to stock up some new pieces of pretty clothes for him/her. I don’t have any preference specifically as long as little bean is healthy. It also makes naming easier. They say bonding with your baby and calling their name when they’re still in your womb is good for them.

I’ve this list of questions asked at my gynae and I hope it clears some doubt you may have.

1. Any specific kinds of food to stay away from?
Reply: Food that are high in mercury, such as sharks meat or Deep Atlantic cod fish, tuna. Canned tunas are considered tunas, so if you frequently take them, I suggest you cut down..after all, there’s a lot of preservatives in canned food. Stay away from processed deli meat such as luncheon meat. I’ve steered clear of that, as well as hotdogs and such. I’ve asked this cause I wanted to clarify that I can eat spicy food like curry and Tom yum, these are my cravings. Doc says you can have salad too..only thing is that the vegs have to be really clean and since you never know how they washed those greens outside, try DIY salad.

2. There are certain ingredients in products to stay away from?
Reply: Most products that are sold OTC (over the counters) are generally alright for usage cause their content is low. (There’s one specific ingredient to stay away from but due to a sleeping brain I didn’t catch it down..I will ask about this again). But Benzoyl Peroxide that’s sold OTC is generally okay to use..yay.

3. How often should we be coming for check ups?
Reply: Monthly visits will be good. Nearer to delivery would be weekly visits. There are packages for these but we’ll discuss when you’re about 4 months. Next visit you will be doing some examinations for baby health.

I’ve also asked more in-depth questions catered to my health conditions and the costs, list of hospitals we can choose for our delivery and who is the next doctor in line to attend to me during her absence (emergency basis). So you may also consider these questions to ask on your visits. Left me know if there are worries on your mind you would like to clarify and I can help to ask about it on my next visit. šŸ™‚