Charley is officially ONE!

Entire July went by in a whim! We were so busy that the only place I was updating about me and Charley was on Instagram. We shifted into our new place and Charley celebrated her first birthday at our new place! Definitely what I’ve hope for for her first party! I’ve wanted a cosy place and private/ intimate setting and everything went exactly as planned. Thanks to my girls for helping out. Couldn’t have thanked them enough.

So what did we have for Charley’s big ONE?











If I had the time, I would love to be able to bake my own dessert table. It is quite horrible how the real world is charging exorbitant prices just for cupcakes and cakes. Maybe next year, when my dear daughter learns not to cling on to my legs while I wash the dishes, I could bake something nice for her. I’ve went through quite a fair bit of pastry vendors to get to the chosen one. Many of these vendors are charging an overrated pricing from $500 onwards and I think that’s totally uncalled for, plus it’s way over my budget. I’ve even came across one that’s asking for $1k plus with just a few items. So I’ve went along with this newly established pastry shop called Edith patisserie. The cakes are done by Ethel and Shaun (I think?) and they are charging a fairly reasonable pricing for what I’m asking for. Moreover, their bakes are child-friendly (less sweet in my opinion) and their service is pretty good. Love their raspberry choco cake, praline tarts and passionfruit mango tarts! They tasted awesome!

Decors: I’ve only got a few decors up for the house. There is a photo bunting on one wall and pinwheels on the other side of the wall – for photo taking purposes. The craft paper are bought randomly at Daiso and another shop which I’ve forgotten the name but it’s somewhere at Wheelock.

Dessert table: The blue polka dot tablecloth is provided by Edith Patisserie and the table runner is bought from ikea. The transparent sealable jugs/ container are also from ikea. The floral trays are from Daiso and I’m currently using them to place fridge items so that the condensed water won’t form on the base. The ribbon for the containers are from Popular bookstore.

For real food: a dear friend SY helped to buy fried bee hoon and old Chang kee just in case some of my guest turns up hungry. She has bought 30 pax worth of beehoon and we ended up giving some away to the workers under my block. 30pax worth of beehoon was a lot! No joke! Some of our guest also left with beehoon takeaway for the night. My mum made two trays of curry and I’ve also had fried rice cooked for the occasion so we ended up with a lot of leftovers. Not forgetting almond and konnyaku desserts. Burped.

Drinks: I’ve made Ribena and detox lemon drink in the fridge. Quite amazed that my guest drank the lemon water because I didn’t plan that for the party, it was actually for personal consumption but I’ve no complaints about that! They probably needed to clean up abit from eating too much sweets! šŸ˜› Another gf sponsored more packeted drinks and now they are sitting in my fridge! šŸ˜€

All the craft works are made with love by Charley’s BFF, misschua. Even the photos are taken by her. She’s not professional but if you would like to engage her services, do leave a comment/email!

Did I miss out anything? If you see something there that I’ve not mentioned and you would like to find out how we got it, please leave a comment and I will revert soonest! šŸ™‚

With that, with a lot of love, Happy Birthday again my munchkin.


Halfway to 1.

In another few weeks dear little Charley will be turning 6 months old. 6 months old brings a totally new set of spendings required to fill this little one up. Getting this post idea from Mummy Ruth, here’s what we have/ will be prepping for Charley:

High Chair: I spotted the ikea baby highchair a couple of months ago and I told myself I needed to get it! It cost between $25-$109 depending on the type you fancy and my take is if the highchair is stable and safe…It’s even better if it’s easy on my pockets!

Blender: We’ve got the Philips Avent combined steamer and blender way before Charley popped. A dear gf reviewed the item and told me it’s super convenient to use so I’m anticipating my first use! All you have to do is to wash and cut the food item into smaller pieces, steam it in the jug and flip it over to blend it! Sounds easy!

Baby first food books: Yes I could have easily gotten recipes and ideas online but I’m a noob cook and I’m old school. It’s like I prefer looking at books to looking at iPad; receiving snail mails to receiving emails.


Baby bibs: Definitely need plenty of these to tide us through food wars. Very glad with those hand-me-downs from the cousin. I’ve also bought a pack of Pigeon’s disposable bibs for on-the-go.

Weaning utensils: I’ve bought ours at a recent store closing sale. Mummy Ruth has introduced me to Baby Led Weaning and I’m very interested to try that too!

Thermos: I’m keeping a lookout on the above brand itself or maybe Tiger or Zojirushi. I’ve seen steam coming out of Thermos itself after my gf kept the flask for over 3 hours! Some investment is definitely needed for this one!

Playmat: We finally decided and went ahead with Parklon’s A to Z bumper playmat. Many of our friends are using this and we liked the prints. Parklon have the nicest A to Z prints in my opinion. The husband is very strict about the prints that goes into our new place.. and of course it should be pretty for baby to see on a daily basis. Initially he rejected it because the other side of the mat was a dull looking plain sand colored mat but after much persuasion.. He gave in! :o) This mat burnt a hole in my pocket because I couldn’t find anyone who’s giving away theirs because it’s so good to use! Cost: SGD185 with delivery on most online sites

Are you ready for your first food Charley?
How about you? What have you bought to cater to your six months old needs? šŸ™‚

My purchase at Le Petit Society

The other day I was hoping to win the voucher giveaway from Le Petit Society but booya, I didn’t get it! Congrats to the lucky winner. Also, I was a little upset not being able to take advantage of the little sale they have extended to their shoppers over the Christmas period since I’ve already done my purchases.. But this shall pass because I like shopping at their site!

So my parcel arrived at my doorstep:


The parcel was wrapped in this bubble wrap that protects the nice little box from scratches:



And when I opened the box, everything was so neatly laid out in the colorful box. Just looking at the box brightens up my day! (But of course I can’t just look at the box the whole day.. It’s not like an adrenaline fix.. Haha)




I would have reviewed my shopping experience sooner but I needed to do an exchange in sizing. The spaghetti bodysuits I’ve ordered looks a little too small for Charley. Seems like this piece runs a little small in sizing because I’ve purchased a ‘6M’ size meant for a 6 months old baby when Charley was only 4 months old. Nope, my little girl was growing by the charts so she’s not oversize! I must say that the customer service was pretty awesome at LPS! The guys did an exchange for me and gave me advices to get a slightly larger sizing so baby would be able to don the piece! On top of that, they allowed me to mail back to their Singapore address so I could save on the shipping cost! How nice of them isn’t it?

Usually I’ll just get really lazy to do mail backs because international shipping can get a little crazy (and I’m lazy!) but not this case! I’m definitely keen to shop again with these guys if something fancy catches my eye. šŸ™‚

Here’s Charley looking happy in her top:




PS. This is a non sponsored ad. I’ve made the purchases on my own and my reviews are truly based on a personal experience.

Review on Ergobaby carrier

It’s been awhile since my last review and since Charley is sleeping and I’m not sleepy I thought I’ll just find some time to write about my experience with Ergobaby carrier for the past 2 months plus.

Here’s me, Charley and our Ergobaby:
Thanks to some Mothercare vouchers given by the husband’s colleagues at the office, we went to get a baby carrier for ease of bringing Charley out and about. We’ve previously read up about carriers and we didn’t want to get Bjornbaby because there are online articles saying that their products are not good for baby’s legs development. It’s something about the way/angle that their legs are seated while in the carrier and since baby is still so young, we didnt want to risk it. I’m not going to write about Bjornbaby here so you may want to google about that if you prefer getting their products. For all we know, the articles may or may not be like I say, we’re not taking the risk.

What I like about this carrier:
1. The zip pocket is very convenient as it helps to hold my keys and little pouch. The open pocket holds Charley’s pacifier and hanky.

2. The cover that you see in the top right second photo has several points to attach to and if baby grows older, she’s still able to use that for shelter!

3. The straps are well cushioned and doesn’t hurt my arms.

4. Charley’s legs are propped upwards instead of slung downwards which is the right way for the development of the legs.

Rooms for improvement:
1. I wished that the infant insert could be detachable instead, where once baby outgrows it we can simple remove and chunk it aside. Did I say that it’s also quite hot for the baby with the insert? Not that we can help though.. Without the insert the baby looks like she’s sink into the abyss.

2. Tried to wash the infant insert once and the cotton ran all over the place (within the insert). The insert also has this brown stain that came out after it dries. Repeated washing doesn’t work either! We took this to get a change and we didn’t wash our second insert but just sun it instead.

3. The bottom cushioned panel that was strapped around my hip seems a little big for comfort, my comfort that is. It’s actually quite big that sometimes sitting down with it can get in the way. Or that a trip to the ladies require quite a bit of adjustment. It varies from person to person though. The husband seems quite fine with it.

In all, the carrier works the way we expected it to. But of course, Charley is growing so sometimes after walking her over a short distance I would be panting and perspiring! The furthest I’ve brought her out alone on the carrier was to my nearby marketplace. I certainly hope to bring her even further to explore but let’s keep that on the checklist till I’ve found a better way to carry her diaper bag altogether. Any suggestions on doing this fellow mamas?

Shopping at Redmart

So there I am, amidst doing my confinement and fussing over the little one. I actually found some time to review this new app that allows me to do grocery shopping without having to step out of the house. Speaking of which, if not for those few trips to the gynae and PD, I would have fainted due to cabin fever. So I’m very thankful that the doc trips are scheduled as such!


So what is Redmart? It is a service provided via an app that eliminates the hassle of you popping to the store to grab your essentials, especially heavy and bulky ones. Think diapers, formula milk, rice etc. I was quite intrigued by the idea of such service because I used to talk about it. Someone could deliver a carton of pads to my residence since I need to use it every month! Haha!
So since Charley’s diapers were running out and it was pretty much sold out everywhere (we’re using Hugggies for Newborn, it must have been so awesome to be sold out even in Malaysia!) I downloaded the app and we went to Redmart.

Pros of the Service:
1. I like the cleanliness, ease of use and aesthetics of the app. Okay, you really don’t like clutter when you’re shopping on your mobile right? Redmart is easy to navigate and use. The colors of the pages are soothing to the eyes and the product images are clear. Everything is nicely categorized as per product type.
2. Free delivery above $49! (Don’t ask me why such funny number) Definitely easy to hit when you’re a new mum like myself. We didnt go eco-friendly with diapers due to some reasons and newborn changes diapers like nobody’s business! So I clicked away to 4 more packs of Huggies and we’ll be trying out 1 pack of Merries for Newborn. If Huggies is out of stock at least my daughter have an alternative that doesn’t irritate her skin.
3. Price point was pretty decent. I must say that their items are competitively range that I’ve no idea what they are earning from after paying their delivery man.
4. I like that they allow payment via credit card at the door. Very hassle free. You know when you pay online you have so many things to fill up and still got to verify card?
5. They actually sent a reminder SMS to remind you about the delivery and payment a few hours before they reach your doorstep.

Room for Improvement:
1. They stated same day delivery but when I was finished with my order at 6.16pm, they asked me to choose next day delivery and the delivery slot available was 5pm onwards. Maybe it was stated to be during working hours, but i wished that the information was put across somewhat clearer.
2. There are a variety of items available for shopping, but when it comes to the chocolate range there’s only Ferrero Rocher.. gotta work on that!
3. Could have a function to add on items after you’ve submitted your orders. Ok I tried to add on by calling in to the operator a tad too late and despatch was already out. My bad.
4. Generally could increase the variety of more non-perishable items. I’m hoping they can turn into an online Carrefour.
5. Have a clearer product description as per original packaging.

One thing for shopping online for groceries is that you are not able to choose what was sent to you. You know how often people just choose the second arrangement in-line on the shelves? Like I bought a pack of potato chips I would prefer to take the second pack because I feel that the first pack may be broken into pieces. Very Aunty right? But I don’t care.

The delivery came by at 5.30pm today and the transaction was completed within 5 mins. I like! If the prices and quality of service maintains at this standard I would definitely engage their service for a long way down the road. We’ll see!

The above are my two cents worth, in no way am I paid to review this app. Thus, my user experience is in no way compromised and is a truthful review of what I actually feel when shopping at Redmart.

Now, back to my darling girl!