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I would like to thank everyone for your continuous support in reading this blog, albeit sometimes it gets a little quiet in here, or the content is whiny, or the page gets flooded with photos at one point.

Please note that we have MOVED!

Little Pockets Full

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Who am I?

So just yesterday was my first post, I hope I didn’t bore you. It was suppose to be short and sweet and I hope it made it so.

I didn’t introduce myself. I’m a 27 year old mummy to be, about 7 – 8 weeks into the pregnancy journey and I’m told not to tell anyone else about this cause the Chinese believes that its not auspicious to do so since it’s still considered early in this stage. I guess it’s rather safe here since I didn’t openly tell anyone about the birth of this blog yet.

My current work includes managing an online shop  with a girlfriend and freelancing for another company.

These days, I hole up in my room and read about mother – baby related articles, figuring the abbreviations that people have come up with (these so many short forms that I have no idea what they refer to sometimes!) and only walking around the house when I’m hungry, nausea and hungry (did I say that already?) and oh, to use the bathroom.

This blog is started with the intention to guide new mummies to be through my eyes and experiences. As well as a log of my pregnancy journey and my baby bean’s development. Hope that whatever I’ll be sharing here will be able to guide you when it’s your turn to be a mummy 🙂

Hello World!

Yes, I thought it’ll be best if I start with the same greeting any other blogs would have it. It took me awhile to decide to finally write about the journey ahead of me and a few days to get a blog name churned out. This was no easy feat I tell you. Most baby blog names were already taken and when you are a late bloomer in this sector, you are left with little vocabularies to play around with.

But there’s a reason why I’ve chose this blogname – Little Pockets Full. Silly as it may sound but it was a chinese nickname given by my husband to me when we were still dating. So 小小的 Pocket, here we go.