Out and About – A Day at the Beach

So we woke up when the baby woke – 7am, and we started going about preparing our stuff to go to the beach. It was a Saturday morning and when we took our first step out of the lift, we saw dark clouds and drizzles of rain. Imagine my disappointment! I’ve made her breakfast in the thermos so we could feed her there; we’ve even brought out a portion of newspapers for leisure reading! Undeterred, I told the husband that it looks like the rain is clearing and probably it wouldn’t be raining at Sembawang Park. Perhapsย I’ve intoned with exasperation, perhaps I’m sounded desperate, the husband took on my words (even if he still believed this rain is for real) and we went up the bus. As the bus drives into the beach, we saw dark clouds looming all around the park area..and then it poured. We were on a bus ride drenched with rain. Since Charley had no idea what’s going on, she’s enjoying her bus ride and doing her thing. Thank goodness the bus was a loop service so it brought us back to where we boarded the train. ‘We shall go tomorrow if it’s not raining’ said the husband as we made our way home.

So Sunday came quickly and we repeat the preparation for beach day. This time quicker since everything we needed was already in the bag. Within 30 mins (which included washing up, cooking baby food, having a simple breakfast) we were on the bus, this time with sun rays!

So you’ve read about her baby schedule in my previous post? Her first trip to the beach was rather funny. She was due for her sleep and she wouldn’t explore much. We had to coax her for awhile before she finally touches the sand. The beach was not really clean since it was next to a shipyard and thus, Charley did not play with the water and we came off the beach to the playground instead. Scaredy cat sticking to her Daddy:


Remember I told you she was so sleepy? Yup, she wouldn’t finish up her breakfast and had yawned for the 100th time so we made our way home to let her sleep.

Charley ah, Charley. And that’s the end of our first beach experience as a family! To end off,


How was your first beach experience with your little one?


Ps. I wish they would make the beach cleaner.ย 



Hello again!

Sorry for the lack of updates! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be blogging on my laptop again! These past few posts were written using my iPhone and it drives me a little crazy looking at a small screen. So what happened to my trusty macbook pro? This lao-kok-kok laptop of mine was stuck on its start up screen (yup I have been staring at a ‘quarter-eaten-logo’ and that’s it) and thereafter, the battery pack ‘exploded’ and my trackpad got ‘pregnant’ and my laptop wouldn’t close. So many and after, my happiness came back! ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay, half that happiness since my photos were all erased and it came back brand new after being reformatted. Nonetheless, better than having to buy a new laptop!

I have been busy with planning for Charley’s one year old party and I’m very glad to have my dear friend’s help! Shopping is never easy with a kiddo! We are keeping things simple and economical soย I will be blogging on that soon. I am also looking around to have pretty cakes for her birthday and if you have any recommendation, please drop me a msg!

Aside to that, Charley has her first beach experience and a second swim at the pool with her new float. More about that later..so my dear readers, stay with me!

Meanwhile, find updates on my Instagram! ๐Ÿ™‚

Learning to know, Learning to fall.

Few weeks ago someone rolled her eyes at me and my daughter in the train. She was a working adult, carrying a twisted balloon which has drawings on it. It was a peak hour train ride at 6.00pm. Perhaps she was thinking that my poor baby was eyeing that balloon but really, Charley was just craving for some sort of attention. However, that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.

Call me a strict mum but I believe that whatever you guide/teach your child now it will form on their behavior and learning even as early as 8 months old. Why do I say that? Because babies have a really absorbent brain which is similar to a sponge now. Imagine a newly bought hard disk, or a shower sponge if you must. If you repeatedly curse in front of your baby, your baby will definitely pick that language up and use it back when they get more verbal.

So when others carry Charley and says the ‘wrong’ things I spare no effort to correct them immediately. For eg, one does not say gai-gai (shopping) to a baby when the baby is not going out. People asked me, ‘What’s the big deal? Your baby doesn’t understand now isn’t it?’ But well, that’s how they learn isn’t it? If you repeatedly tell a child gai-gai while he/she is seated then they will think that ‘gai-gai’ means sitting down. So yes, it is quite a big deal.

You do not shower too much attention over a small fall. All kiddos fall as they grows up. It is almost mission impossible not to fall as they grow but of course, one does not purposely let a baby fall. You know that children craves for attention. You don’t tell a kid that the floor is naughty when they fall or repeatedly ask where they knock themselves at because they are going to say everywhere hurts because you kept asking them continuously. Imagine your child all grown up and blaming it on the floor at 10 years old. Instead of showering too much of the wrong attention, just let the child know that it is okay to fall. You know how some kids run towards their parents, slipped and fall, get back on their own feet and smile at their parents? That’s the kind of children I would like to nurture.

In life, we cannot determine when’s our next fall but at least we know that we can get right back up on our own feet without anyone’s help. Doesn’t need anyone to tell you things are okay because you are okay on your own. You will be independent. You will learn to be more careful. Yes, it is painful to fall but it is really no big deal.

Onwards we go, 9th month and counting!

Amazingly how just the other day I was deliberating on how your first year party should be like. Today you’re 9 months old! Happy 9th Charley!

Not your best photo but one of my best with no totally makeup ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s quite crazy how I’ve gotten used to having a mini me beside me. Of course, not crazily in love with close to zilch time to doll up myself at all that I’ve often went out with close to no makeup gasp! (i see many disapproving faces here, haha). But I’ve never imagined me to become another little life’s mum. You know… It still felt like just yesterday I’m in my early 20s.

There’s no cake for a little 9 month old baby but we’ll try to have 1 for your first year party! 20140430-232931.jpg

Charley’s solids – Purple Sweet Potato

Okay, I didn’t know that the sweet potato that I’ve bought from our local organic store turns out to be purple. I thought the skin was purple and the flesh orange. Human minds are trained in such a way that if the food comes out in weird colors, the food is weird. Let’s say… Pink bananas? You get my drift. So purple? Let’s just say maybe my baby would like it cause it’s a rainbow color. Nah, my baby is 8 months old what does she know about colors? ๐Ÿ˜›

So today we tried this purple sweet potato mixed with brown rice porridge (which I’ve painstakingly cooked it over slow fire at 7am and blend it down to its finest at 9am when Charley wakes from her first nap). Here’s a sneak peek:

Would you eat that? There’s pork, organic brown rice and sweet potato here. She had a few mouth to determine she wasn’t a huge fan and refuses to open her mouth thereafter.

See what I mean?

I find that the slightly green sweet potato is sweeter than the purple one. To me, this one tasted bland and if I was the one having it, I would definitely spice it up. But of course it would do for Charley, she’s not having sugar and salt in her diet yet. Baking it is another option, but we’ll start on that when she’s older.

Someone said online that the baby poop may turn out purple… Let’s wait to find out. I will definitely update you if it’s true! ๐Ÿ˜€

A little note about Carousell.

A little deviation from my baby musings.

You know Carousell? Well, to date I’ve managed to sell two items. A dress I’ve never worn before and a North Face bag I’ve previously bought for traveling. I thought that this app was great for selling pre-loved items. It’s like a modernized garang-guni man, only on the social platform.

However, one thing I didn’t fancy about the app is that they allowed PO. PO – Pre-Order, is for group buys where people order the items from the seller first and receive the item once the seller reaches their minimum order in order to purchase from their supplier. Of course, group buys make things cheap..only if you got the patience to wait for it to arrive (usually 1-3 weeks depending if the order is cap). Recently I’ve happened to like an item and the item seller seems to have ran off with the money collected. You know these PO means you have to transfer the payment in first to secure your purchase. I wasn’t a victim since I didn’t buy (I’m not a fan of PO!) but I’ve seen some buyers plastering angry messages on the comments track asking for their refund and threatening to go to the police. Well, I don’t know both side of the story so I shall keep my comments to myself but yeap, I’ve never trusted PO. It takes a lot to convince me if a particular seller is genuine. So please be safe when shopping with some sellers.

That said, I still enjoy browsing through the app. I’ve bought a dress from the site and managed to meet up with the seller directly since she stayed near my previous place. It was COD so it was such a safe buy! I’ve contemplated about the dress since my last buying trip to BKK, after I delivered a baby to till she’s 8 months old. If I liked it till now I guess it’s a great buy! Hehe. The app is slightly addictive in my opinion and I keep wondering what can I put up next to sell! What should I sell next….:P

Happy Eight Months Charleybaby!

It suddenly hit me that in another 4 months this little bean is turning 1 year old. How scarily fast is that?

Charley has not been an easy sleeper. Since young, she would love to fall asleep in our arms or against our chest. You know la, babies and heartbeat of an adult are an entity together. They sleep really well with that I’ll say! So in a turn of events, this little bean was made to go through a tedious sleep pattern the previous night. This new way of just patting her to sleep will be her transition of going to sleep on her own as she gets older. Obviously, last night she cried like a shipwreck. Sigh. Times like this I wished we started letting her sleep in her crib since day 1. We have been doing co-sleeping and even if I wanted to move her to her crib now I can’t, cause I’m in a moving-home phase myself. Our current room doesn’t have space to fit our existing crib so I’ll have to wait till our new place is ready before I get her to sleep on her own…. With me on the mattress next to her. So we will still co-sleep but on a separate bed. Hopefully she learns this new sleep pattern fast otherwise there will be titanic every night. Yesterday was day 2 and she fared slightly better.

As for her food repertoire, we have included fish daily. We have also tried celery, cauliflower, tofu, a little bit of bread and unsalted butter (she tasted and spit it out!) and now we’re going to try asparagus. I love my greens! Haha! Next up would be poultry items, kiwis and berries. Some say wait up for berries as babies can get allergy from those… But since the dad and mum doesn’t have allergies to those I’m assuming that she’s on the safe side. However, we have quite a fair bit of items to finish up so she may probably get to taste berries only when she’s close to nine months. Can’t wait for this little one to start eating on her own even though I had fun making food cubes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Charley has also started waving bye bye to familiar faces or anyone she fancies. She is also constantly clapping her hands from time to time. She smiles when she claps and you chant out ‘Clap your hands!’. Her first call out was to baa baa (Daddy in Chinese) and I can’t wait for Maa mee. Yup, definitely growing up too fast too furious!

So recently we have been busy meeting up with some of my friends before I start ‘losing friends and alienating people’. So dear friends reading this and if I haven’t call you up, please call me out for a short coffee session in the afternoon! ๐Ÿ˜›

What’s in store for is at mine months old? We’ll wait to find out!

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20140403-162421.jpgHey Ma, just hangin’ at my new home’s corridor