Charley is officially ONE!

Entire July went by in a whim! We were so busy that the only place I was updating about me and Charley was on Instagram. We shifted into our new place and Charley celebrated her first birthday at our new place! Definitely what I’ve hope for for her first party! I’ve wanted a cosy place and private/ intimate setting and everything went exactly as planned. Thanks to my girls for helping out. Couldn’t have thanked them enough.

So what did we have for Charley’s big ONE?











If I had the time, I would love to be able to bake my own dessert table. It is quite horrible how the real world is charging exorbitant prices just for cupcakes and cakes. Maybe next year, when my dear daughter learns not to cling on to my legs while I wash the dishes, I could bake something nice for her. I’ve went through quite a fair bit of pastry vendors to get to the chosen one. Many of these vendors are charging an overrated pricing from $500 onwards and I think that’s totally uncalled for, plus it’s way over my budget. I’ve even came across one that’s asking for $1k plus with just a few items. So I’ve went along with this newly established pastry shop called Edith patisserie. The cakes are done by Ethel and Shaun (I think?) and they are charging a fairly reasonable pricing for what I’m asking for. Moreover, their bakes are child-friendly (less sweet in my opinion) and their service is pretty good. Love their raspberry choco cake, praline tarts and passionfruit mango tarts! They tasted awesome!

Decors: I’ve only got a few decors up for the house. There is a photo bunting on one wall and pinwheels on the other side of the wall – for photo taking purposes. The craft paper are bought randomly at Daiso and another shop which I’ve forgotten the name but it’s somewhere at Wheelock.

Dessert table: The blue polka dot tablecloth is provided by Edith Patisserie and the table runner is bought from ikea. The transparent sealable jugs/ container are also from ikea. The floral trays are from Daiso and I’m currently using them to place fridge items so that the condensed water won’t form on the base. The ribbon for the containers are from Popular bookstore.

For real food: a dear friend SY helped to buy fried bee hoon and old Chang kee just in case some of my guest turns up hungry. She has bought 30 pax worth of beehoon and we ended up giving some away to the workers under my block. 30pax worth of beehoon was a lot! No joke! Some of our guest also left with beehoon takeaway for the night. My mum made two trays of curry and I’ve also had fried rice cooked for the occasion so we ended up with a lot of leftovers. Not forgetting almond and konnyaku desserts. Burped.

Drinks: I’ve made Ribena and detox lemon drink in the fridge. Quite amazed that my guest drank the lemon water because I didn’t plan that for the party, it was actually for personal consumption but I’ve no complaints about that! They probably needed to clean up abit from eating too much sweets! 😛 Another gf sponsored more packeted drinks and now they are sitting in my fridge! 😀

All the craft works are made with love by Charley’s BFF, misschua. Even the photos are taken by her. She’s not professional but if you would like to engage her services, do leave a comment/email!

Did I miss out anything? If you see something there that I’ve not mentioned and you would like to find out how we got it, please leave a comment and I will revert soonest! 🙂

With that, with a lot of love, Happy Birthday again my munchkin.


Its a good food day!

My dearest cousin must have heard bean’s calling. She didn’t forget about our date and she wasn’t late (this time it’s me instead). And well..bean’s calling was good food. Good food in my opinion, is not just about expensive food. It’s about the person I’m eating with. We could be eating at the shabbiest joint anywhere but the companion matters.


Like I was telling my cousin that I would rather eat alone than having to ‘entertain’ an eating partner that I’m not comfortable with. I dislike trying to build conversations just for the sake of filling in the awkwardness in the air. But of course, when I was younger..I do have an issue about eating alone. Back then, eating alone makes me feel a should I put it, awkward? Loser-ish?  I used to think that people are staring at me. But now, even if they were really staring at me, I guess I can’t be bothered. Signs of growing old? Doesnt matter. We all grow old.

Dinner was at a familiar joint at Novena with the husband. Felt a little cheated ordering the new set from the new menu but..this too shall pass.



The back of my knees kinda hurt quite a fair bit these days due to the weight I’m adding up. I can bear the pain but please don’t let those varicose veins pop!

Satisfy thy craving while they last.

A friend told me that your cravings will only come in after 3 months…but I think otherwise.

I won’t say that I crave for some food so bad if I don’t get it I will rather die of hunger. That’s extreme. Afterall, if you’re that hungry enough, you will probably eat whatever is served up to you. But I do have this new set of taste bud that prefers spicier and saltier food. I am trying to cut down on the salt intake daily and that makes my food really bland cause I can’t seem to taste the food for nuts! But I guess this will need to persist for bean to be healthier than me. As for spicy… I just can’t keep myself away from that. Yikes!

I’m not a spoilt brat, but since young..I have developed this habit of not finishing the food if the food suck and I won’t force myself to finish the food if it taste really bad. It didn’t come across to me that by finishing the food makes me feel better that I’m not wasting it (think about those starving children, I know), but I am considering what happens if I finish that ungodly bowl of something.. will it give me tummyache? will I throw up after that? Why force myself to finish something if I won’t be happier after that?

So back to cravings. I have been craving alot of my mum’s dishes lately. Those macaroni soups, beehoon soups, dry beehoon in zichar style, dry beehoon in chilli style, CURRY, fried beehoon.. sounds like food for the sick but once you taste it…  hoho. You probably can get these anywhere, but the style/taste of cooking is never the same. Maybe those taste buds will change next month, but meanwhile I have been making trips to get these cravings settled!

Not forgetting to give the husband a pat on the back for cooking fried beehoon to satisfy my craving last Sunday. Will show you images next time if he cooks this dish again 🙂

One item, which is deemed as the best nutrition for bean has been on my ‘NO’ list recently – FISH. These days, I simply cannot stand the taste and smell of fish, cooked or not. We (Me and bean) find it equally disgusting, so it’s not me rejecting the intake of fish, it’s bean (baby, it’s no blame game don’t worry.. mummy is not gonna force you to eat something you don’t like either!). The other day I took some steamed fish and the nausea feeling came up immediately and I almost threw up.

So these days, whenever I feel like having something, I will go for it (excluding those food that are a strict no-nos lah). Pregnancy is a good 9 months and in these 9 months, you may or may not be able to eat exactly what you have in mind. So if there is something that’s passable and similar to what you want, taste good and can satisfy your craving, GO FOR IT! Like my mum always say…’If you want to eat something, don’t wait and just go for it. Don’t let your kid drool those saliva for nothing!’ 😉