Hello, officially.

This 1st post is way overdue! Before you start to form (bad) first impressions of me or get all judgey-eyed, let me remind you that I am a mother of two and of which, one is in his terrible twos.. Need I say more?

But whatever my excuse is, it will always be a lousy excuse because, let’s face it, a mother doesn’t get rest days and yet we always find the time to complete everything that is expected of us and more. So please accept my sincere apologies for this late introductory post and know that I am committed to sharing all my mommy experiences with you, fellow mommies (and perhaps some daddies).

First up, a little bit about myself. I am 32 this year and as mentioned above, mother to a boy named Issey (31mo) and a girl named Raeann (6mo). I have been a stay-at-home-mom since the birth of my firstborn but I assure you I know equally well the woes of working moms as I have many friends who wears this hat and I salute them with all of my heart. If we could all learn to get along, there will be plenty to learn from each other, I am sure!

I don’t have a helper but I do have a cleaning lady who helps me with my chores once a week so I get to keep some of my sanity. I believe home-cooked food is the best for my children and nothing is good enough for them unless I do it myself. I whole-heartedly embrace what nature has to offer and always ensures fresh fruits are readily available in the house at all times as opposed to taking supplements. I used to go with only organic but since Issey turned 2yo, I have relaxed a lot on this rule because I figured he needs to get in contact with some germs and bacteria in order for his body to grow stronger naturally. (Ok, fine. Also because Raeann came along so who cares if he is getting organic food? As long as he gets food, I feel accomplished. Haha!)

In terms of disciplining my children, I strongly believe it should start from the second they are born. Not saying you should start hitting them or what but TRAINING. I cannot stress enough how important it is to train your children as early in their lives as you can. Be it sleep training, feeding habits, speech training (yes even from the 1st day you meet them!) etc etc, it should start early. Having said that, I don’t like to force my children to do things they don’t like. If I train them and they go along with it, then good for me. If they don’t seem happy about it, I don’t push it. Let it rest for a few days/weeks (depending on situation) and try again. A child learns best when they are happy and ready, so always wait for them to be ready.

My parenting motto is this, “A crying child is not an unloved child.” I am also all for child-led parenting. I abide by it as much as I can until the situation gets out of control (eg. health hazards, tantrums, etc). I believe firmly in walking the talk so I never demonstrate any behavior that I don’t wish to see my children displaying. At least not in front of them!

I hope that is enough to paint you a picture of the kind of Mommy I am. As we bond together over the next few posts, I am sure you will uncover more of my dirty parenting secrets so let’s not rush things.

Mommy Meowmee and myself would like to invite all you fellow mommies to join us on this journey of self-discovery and exploration with our kids, otherwise known as Parenting! Let’s share all our experiences, big or small, good or bad, bit by bit, little by little, until we are all little pockets full.

Thank you for having me in this big parenting family!

Mommy kellykylie


Who am I?

So just yesterday was my first post, I hope I didn’t bore you. It was suppose to be short and sweet and I hope it made it so.

I didn’t introduce myself. I’m a 27 year old mummy to be, about 7 – 8 weeks into the pregnancy journey and I’m told not to tell anyone else about this cause the Chinese believes that its not auspicious to do so since it’s still considered early in this stage. I guess it’s rather safe here since I didn’t openly tell anyone about the birth of this blog yet.

My current work includes managing an online shop  with a girlfriend and freelancing for another company.

These days, I hole up in my room and read about mother – baby related articles, figuring the abbreviations that people have come up with (these so many short forms that I have no idea what they refer to sometimes!) and only walking around the house when I’m hungry, nausea and hungry (did I say that already?) and oh, to use the bathroom.

This blog is started with the intention to guide new mummies to be through my eyes and experiences. As well as a log of my pregnancy journey and my baby bean’s development. Hope that whatever I’ll be sharing here will be able to guide you when it’s your turn to be a mummy 🙂